The curiosity, the wonder, the mischief…being a parent has its days of endless love and nerve-wracking worry. From the very beginning, it seems as though children go out of their way to put themselves in immediate danger. Your children can have access to wonderful toys with bold colors and vibrating mechanisms, but as soon as they start to crawl, they head right for the electrical outlets. Forget about Sophie the Giraffe – their new favorite teething toy is the cord from a nearby table lamp. Our team, at Horizon Window Fashions, would like to help. Your top priority is keeping your children safe. That is our priority, too. Child safe window coverings are one way that you can bring more peace of mind to your home. It’s important for you, as parents, to know what is available so you can make the best decisions for your family’s safety.


Carefully Consider Cords.

You have enough to worry about. Whether you have babies and toddlers exploring the world around them, or children who have turned your home into their own personal jungle gym, they get into everything. Over the past decade, the window coverings industry has added safety to their list of priorities, and with that, innovations in child-safe window coverings have improved the lives of so many families. Cords can be dangerous, and many window coverings have gone cordless to completely remove the hassles and dangers faced by families. Even when cords are present, you have options for operating systems that stay out of harm’s reach, making your window coverings easy to access without worry. Taking some time to learn about innovations for child-safe window coverings will help you decide which operating system will work best for your family.


child safe window coveringsLiteRise

An operating system designed for child safe window coverings, the LiteRise system is cordless. With a gentle push up on the bottom rail, your shades raise to the chosen height – and stay in place. Simply pull down on your shades for the desired level of light control. Perfect for your child’s bedroom, this operation makes window coverings easy to use and worry-free.


child safe window coveringsPowerRise

Child safe window coverings with the ultimate in light control options, the PowerRise lift system automates the opening, closing and adjustment of your window coverings. No muss, no fuss means no danger for your family. Simply touch a button on your remote, wall mount or favorite device to activate your window coverings for the perfect amount of light every time.


child safe window coveringsUltraGlide

There are circumstances that make cords an unavoidable option – window placement and obstacles of furniture happen to be two of those. The UltraGlide lift system offers the child-safe window coverings option of a retractable cord that stays out of reach of small hands. This short cord activates your shades with slight pulls before retracting back into a safe position.


child safe window coveringsEasyRise  

For those times when you need to activate your child safe window coverings from the side, the EasyRise lift system allows you to access a continuous cord loop that can be bolted tight against the window frame for increased safety. Rotate this cord system by pulling one way or another to easily access light control for your home.


Your child’s safety is your top priority, and it should be. It is a priority for us, too. Child safe window coverings are an excellent way to reduce the dangers in your home, and with the latest innovations, your children will be able to play freely without the risks and hassles of cords. We also know that all of that exploration can be tough on your window coverings. We can help you choose window coverings that will stand the test of time, or the test of childhood, with products that offer you and your family durability and easy clean options. Our team, at Horizon Window Fashions, would love to show you window coverings to provide your family with the amazing benefits and safety features you deserve. Contact us for a free, in-home consultation.