Hunter Douglas LiteRise vs. UltraGlide

Hunter Douglas LiteRise or UltraGlide? In this age of rapid technological advancement, your home can be more functional than ever. Our Reno window coverings can be programmed to align with your lifestyle. Hunter Douglas offers operating systems that require an effortless operation to adjust both privacy and light control options.

Individual window treatments may require different operating systems based on how they are used – even if they function in the same shared space. With the Hunter Douglas LiteRise or UltraGlide Lift Systems, you have complete control over your window coverings. Based on each specific window function and needs, you can determine which operating system will suit your lifestyle and home. The best part about it is that you can have both, and with the innovative design features, the window treatments will coordinate nicely, regardless of the lifting system.

Hunter Douglas LiteRise Cordless Lift System

By simply placing your finger on the bottom rail, an upward movement will raise your window treatment. To adjust the amount of light entering—or close it altogether—the opposite motion on the bottom rail will pull the window treatment into place creating effortless operation with exact placement. Also, there are no cords, allowing for enhanced child and pet safety. Functioning efficiently in high traffic areas, the LiteRise Cordless Lift System is perfect for operating your window treatments.

Available on:

  • Alustra Woven Textures
  • Applause
  • Design Studio Roller Shades/Roman Shades
  • Designer Roller Shades, Designer Screen Shades
  • Duette
  • Everwood
  • Modern Precious Metals
  • Nantucket
  • Parkland
  • Provenance
  • Silhouette,
  • Solera
  • Sonnette
  • Vignette.

Hunter Douglas UltraGlide Lifting System

Featuring one retractable cord. the Hunter Douglas UltraGlide lift system provides you with the ease of function to raise and lower your window treatments. Gently tug on the cord to set the window treatment in the exact position you desire for privacy and light control. The retractable cord is valuable for windows in high traffic areas where access might have obstacles.

Available on:

  • Alustra Woven Textures
  • Applause, Design Studio Roller/Roman Shades
  • Designer Banded Shades
  • Designer Roller Shades, Designer Screen Shades
  • Duette
  • Modern Precious Metals
  • Nantucket Pirouette
  • Provenance, Silhouette
  • Solera
  • Vignette

Mixing Lifting Systems

Hunter Douglas Reno continually provides beautiful versatility with product combination, to offer clients the opportunity to coordinate with other window treatments in a shared space. Preserving the complementary design, while customizing the lift system for the function of the window treatment is such a tailored experience. Let's take a look at how you might mix and match for the perfect combination.

The LiteRise System perfectly fits for the function and use of your Vignette Modern Roman Shades featured throughout your open concept kitchen. However, the roman shade covering the window above your sink would best function with the UltraGlide System, allowing you to reach the cord to position the shade without hassle. Your Vignette Modern Roman Shades provide a beautiful look, with coordinating fabric valances, but more importantly, the shades will have customized functions just for your home.

The LiteRise System provides effortless control of both the light and privacy within your bedroom, but your master bath window is not as convenient to reach. Existing behind the tub, the window treatment would more easily function with the UltraGlide lift system's retractable cord, allowing you the enjoyment of light control and privacy options. Your family room may require both the LiteRise and UltraGlide lift systems due to the placement of furniture, taking into account your windows' location. Considering your window treatments' use and function will help you decide which window treatments should utilize which operating system.

The benefit of using both lift systems is the complementary design features for the coordination of fabrics to offer your home a finished look. We understand the importance of function for your window treatments. Customization is the key, allowing you to enjoy your beautiful view, while quickly adjusting your window treatments to the perfect setting.

Northern Nevada Hunter Douglas Dealer

Find out how the Hunter Douglas LiteRise and UltraGlide lift systems can offer you a custom experience for your unique lifestyle. Contact us to get started on your window treatment customization!


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