December has arrived, and the holiday rush has begun! The hussle and bussle of the season is underway, with planning and shopping in the Reno area. Is your home ready for upcoming holiday gatherings this season? Is a little inspiration in need to set a beautiful scene in your home? Why not bring the colors of the season in, ready to greet your guests for your holiday entertaining? The palette is your playground as you discover the hues that speak of your personality and style with the colors of the season: untypical, vibrant, bold. Highlight your home with bright purples, deep emeralds or rich blues to create the perfect atmosphere for your holiday season.  Read on for tips on how to complement your home’s unique decor…

colors of the seasonYour Walls Will Delight!

Adding a splash of color with an accent wall, or changing the overall wall color in a room can help you set a beautiful scene in your home. Often known as the easiest way to makeover a space, painting with the colors of the season will delight you and your guests this year.  For a striking look, choose bold colors, while the softer hues are better when altering the entire room. Consider that window coverings can play a big role as part of the wall, so a sophisticated choice, like the Designer Screen Roman Shades seen here, will help you set a beautiful scene in your home!

colors of the seasonAccents for Personal Style.

Part of the excitement of decorating your home is finding accent pieces that will help your personality shine through. Nothing says complementary styling like a well-chosen accent piece, such as table decor, rugs, blankets  or pillows. Accent pieces are a great way to incorporate the colors of the season into a room, with metallics being a very popular selection, perfect for a holiday scene. Other considerations are patterns and textures that can heighten the level of style. With just the right balance, these designer trends will have your space looking fabulous. Window coverings can provide just the right backdrop for your space to showcase the beauty of your accent pieces, like the Applause Honeycomb Shades shown here!

colors of the seasonArt Will Inspire.

Creating a style statement for a room can happen easily with a dramatic piece of art, featuring the bold look of the colors of the season. Be sure to place large pieces facing the entrance of the room, easily visible and welcoming as your guests enter. For smaller pieces, keep in mind that art is best showcased in odd numbers. Rearranging your favorite pieces is a great way to ‘mix it up’, moving art from one room to another to allow a fresh look. Window coverings can be an important investment when considering UV protection for your artwork. The beauty of stylish window coverings also add their own dimension and sophistication, similar to the contemporary appeal of the Modern Precious Metals Aluminum Blinds seen here.

colors of the seasonDesign an Atmosphere for Entertaining.

Your upcoming holiday gatherings will be ideal with the beauty of the colors of the season for both decor and function. Fresh flowers, candles and linens can all add their own bursts of color, as they help you make a style statement for holiday entertaining. By adding a new light fixture, you add levels of light adjustment and atmosphere. Another way to create ambiance is by outfitting your home with window coverings that allow you adjustment and light control along a spectrum for a beautiful scene. Premier shadings, like Pirouette Window Shadings, let in soft, filtered light for a dramatic glow.

Highlight Your View!

The beautiful view right outside your windows should not be forgotten! Your view can provide the perfect backdrop to holiday celebrations and memory making. With the right window coverings, the colors of the season will incorporate the true season in the colors of your landscape. The amazing benefits of maximum view-through and top/down, bottom/up operation can offer you and your guests a comfortable atmosphere while enjoying your next holiday gathering. We can help. Our team, at Horizon Window Fashions, would love to help you set a beautiful scene in your Reno area home. Contact us for a free, in-home consultation.

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