Brrrr…it’s mid-December, and we are already looking forward to warmer spring temperatures. While our weather this year has not gotten as cold and snowy as years past, the chilly temps have us dreaming about bundling up and flying south for the winter! How is the atmosphere in your home? We have amazing solutions so you can relax in the warmth and comfort of your home with energy efficient window coverings.


Would new windows make it warmer?

Energy Efficient Window CoveringsChances are…No. For the same reason that it is always a good idea to use caution with a glass full of hot liquid, new windows will not help as much as you would hope. Why? Glass is an amazing conductor. That means that even new windows will still feel cold on the inside of your home. The air that fills your home is continually moving, and every time it brushes up against your windows, the temperature of that air is lowered, creating a draft. With energy efficient window coverings, like the beautiful Duette Honeycomb Shades seen here, a layer of cell within cell structural insulation provides the protection you need to keep the air in your home at a comfortable temperature. And the designer appeal they offer will transform the look of your home!

Are energy efficient window coverings a good choice for my home?

Energy Efficient Window CoveringsWe recommend these to anyone living in the Reno area. Why? Not only will they keep your home at a comfortable and consistent temperature during the cold months, but they will continue to maintain comfortable temperatures year round. Through the cold of winter, and the heat of summer, your furnace and air conditioner will not be working overtime at any point during the year. In addition, advanced levels of light control will make changes to your home that you will see and feel immediately. Designer appeal, energy efficiency, light control, privacy and UV protection…could you want anything more? Hunter Douglas also offers a wide range of energy efficient window coverings to suit your style, and also your budget, like the affordable Applause Honeycomb Shades seen here.

Which energy efficient window coverings work best?

Energy Efficient Window CoveringsHunter Douglas offers a wide range of products. Most popular, and well known, is the collection of Duette Honeycomb Shades. This cellular structure was awarded the highest levels of energy efficiency in the industry. Along with those window coverings, their line of Vignette Modern Roman Shades, shown here, is another strong choice to make your home as comfortable and consistent as possible throughout the year. With fabrics, textures and styles to choose from, you will outfit your home with a beautiful look. You will also enjoy comfort and warmth in the next few months, and for years to come.


It’s that time of year when all you want, after spending time navigating your way through cold temperatures, is to come home to warmth and comfort. You can have that warmth, comfort and so much more with energy efficient window coverings. Don’t spend the next few months wishing you had a solution! Contact our team, at Horizon Window Fashions, for a free, in-home consultation.


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