Moving into a new home is a thrilling adventure. If you find yourself filled with the mixed emotions of excitement and anxiety as the whirlwind of moving takes place around you, it’s completely normal. There are steps you can take that will help you through this transition. You cannot be prepared for every scenario, but with careful planning, you will feel much more secure about the coming weeks. Start by using a simple moving checklist to help you get ready. When moving day finally arrives, look forward to unpacking and embarking on this To Do List:

Moving Into a New Home

Change the Locks.

This is your home, and safety needs to come first. Take a close-up photo of your locks before heading out to the hardware store so you know what products to purchase. You have the option of calling a locksmith to install them if you feel like you could use some help. By doing this simple task, you will provide yourself with the peace of mind that you have the only keys when moving into a new home.

Take Time to Clean.

Most of the time, houses are expected to be ‘broom clean’ when transferred the new owner. Whether you do it yourself, or hire a professional, having a clean home from the start will allow you to move efficiently, transforming the empty space into a comfortable space for you and your family.

Moving Into a New Home

Equip Your Home with Appliances.

When moving into a new home, you want it to be as ‘move-in ready’ as possible. Check your contract for appliance specifics. You may receive the usual ones, such as the refrigerator or dishwasher, that are normally left behind. However, it may take a couple of weeks to order the ones you need and schedule delivery. Take charge so you aren’t eating takeout each night waiting for your new stove.

Paint Those Walls.

A fresh coat of paint will give your new home a clean, simplistic appearance. If you are moving into a new home that has been lived in before, you may want to invest in a heavy duty product, like Kilz, to cover up any accents you don’t like. Neutral colors and subtle tones will provide a streamlined flow throughout your home, while accent walls in individual bedrooms can offer a very personalized feeling.

Moving Into a New Home

Don’t Forget About Privacy.

The last thing you want, during this tumultuous time in your life, is to feel uncomfortable in your own home. Protecting your privacy is important. Temporary shades can be a wonderful asset as you get settled from moving into a new home. Your bathroom. Your bedroom. Your childrens’ bedrooms. All areas of your home where privacy is a must. We would love to help guide you as you select window coverings for your home. Temporary shades will help, but sooner than later, you will need solutions for that annoying glare and that drafty window. We have amazing products for you that will help you turn your new house into a home. Contact our team, at Horizon Window Fashions, for a free, in-home consultation.

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