Our Reno sunshine can be a bit intense at times, but during this season of year, it can also be a welcome sight. It all depends on the location of your windows. Window placement can mean lovely rays of sunshine dancing near your home, or frustrating sun for hours on end. The latter of the two can lead to faded floors and furniture, not to mention the obvious frustration of that glare. We want you to enjoy the sunshine and take advantage of the natural light available to your home. We can help you find just the right window coverings that will let the light work for you …regardless of window placement!


Do You Have East Facing Windows?

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The beauty of sunrise, the quiet stillness as day begins. You probably know how it feels to be lulled awake by the early morning light. The warmth of the rays add a cozy feeling after a cool night. You probably get more done, as that natural light adds productivity to your early morning. However, by Ten O’Clock in the morning, you might be sweating because of that sunshine. It enters your windows, heating your home to unbearable temperatures. You need window coverings with benefits that allow you to enjoy the beauty of the sunrise and morning light, without adding to the temperature. Soft, filtered light will bring in the natural light, but still provide you with the privacy and UV protection you need. Ease of operation means you can change the direction of the vanes, let light in above the window coverings – instead of below, and make those adjustments regularly according to circumstance.


Do You Have West Facing Windows?

window coveringsThe colors of sunset create an atmosphere of utter relaxation. The sun slips into the horizon, and you settle in with the dramatic hue of dusk as the backdrop of your home. It would be nice, of course, if that was the only effect of having West facing windows. The truth is, you probably understand what it is like to come home, after a long day, to a house that has been baking in the sun for six hours. Your furniture, artwork, flooring…all of your belongings are at the mercy of that intense light. Window coverings can offer you solutions so you can enjoy the sunset, while still preserving your privacy. You will be able to step into a comfortable temperature, without running up your energy bills. You can enjoy the ease of adjustment, so your lifestyle dictates the light control, not the light controlling you.


Do You Have North/South Facing Windows?

window coveringsEven though your windows keep your home free of overbearing sunlight, window coverings can offer you amazing benefits to improve the atmosphere in your home. Adjustment and tilt of window coverings will allow you to pull in and enjoy the natural light that normally would be lost. They will provide energy efficiency year round, as the insulation keeps the air in your home at a consistent temperature. They will also allow you to avoid the frustration of occasional glare that comes and goes, depending on time of year and weather. It gives you the control of how much light enters your home and when.


You windows can provide you with beauty and atmosphere. They can also fill your life with frustration and annoyance. It’s time for you to take control – to make the most of the light available to you. We can help. We will guide you during our consultation, with consideration of window placement and how you use the rooms. We want to create the ideal environment for your family. Contact our team, at Horizon Window Fashions, for a free, in-home consultation.

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