Nothing has a bigger impact on your day than the quality – or lack – of sleep. The recent time change quickly reminded us how important sleep can be. Are the bedrooms in your home conducive to a good night of sleep, or do you suffer with light control, noise or temperature issues? Window coverings will affect all of that – creating the ideal environment for a peaceful night of rest. It’s time for you to find out about the options available to you and your family…

Room Darkening or Blackout Shades?

Room DarkeningBefore choosing your perfect bedroom window coverings, you should know that both features – room darkening and blackout – will provide your bedrooms the darkened atmosphere needed for improved sleep. While many window coverings are advertised with these enticing slogans, true room darkening and blackout shades will not leave you disappointed, creating the ideal environment to block out light – even during the day. Most of the time, once our clients start choosing from collections of window coverings that have room darkening and blackout features available, the decision really comes down to other characteristics – including style choices.

Room Darkening Shades

Room DarkeningRoom darkening is a great option for most bedrooms. When you hear “Room Darkening”, it means that most of the light is kept out of the room. While most of the light is blocked for a dark nighttime environment, depending on window location and fabrics chosen, your bedroom may receive dim light during the day. Some good examples of window coverings with room darkening are Solera Soft Shades and the Duette Collection. The beautiful fabrics of either line will highlight your decor while darkening your bedrooms for a good night of sleep. High levels of energy efficiency will ensure consistent, comfortable temperatures, while sound absorption can help provide a peaceful night of rest.

Blackout Shades

Room DarkeningWhen the term “Blackout Shades” is used, it refers to window coverings that are completely opaque, not letting any light in. This is easily demonstrated with Designer Roller Shades from Hunter Douglas. The low profile design provides a sleek, custom fit to keep light out – using fabrics that block any incoming light. Blackout shades are an ideal choice if your bedroom windows are East or West facing, as you may need the effect of Blackout Shades to control the direct sunlight. The benefit of this extreme light control is that it also keeps that direct sunlight from heating up your bedroom during the day, and it offers exclusive privacy when you want it.

Versatility of Design

Room DarkeningFor the highest levels of light control, the innovation of Silhouette Window Shadings now offers an exclusive blackout shade. Yes – you read that right. Silhouettes, commonly known for the beauty and light dimming sheers that provide you with a dynamic view – even in the lowered position, now come with A Deux. Silhouette Window Shadings with A Deux offers the addition of a second shade – a roller shade – on the same shared headrail. This second shade operates independently of the Silhouette, giving you the chance to have the widest range of light control on the market. Perfect for setting an – always ideal – atmosphere in your bedroom.

A better night of sleep is only a phone call away. Our design experts can help you decide which feature, either room darkening or blackout shades, will give you the best night of sleep, based on a variety of factors. The fun part will be selecting the beautiful fabrics and textures to heighten the style of your bedrooms! Contact our team, at Horizon Window Fashions, for a free, in-home consultation.

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