Looking for design inspiration? Stop searching. Start styling. Your home deserves to be a reflection of contemporary appeal and striking design. With the chic simplicity of Designer Roller Shades, choose from a large selection of colors, textures and patterns that will speak volumes, or subtle whispers, of sophistication and charm. Designer Roller Shades highlight the beauty of your decor when lowered, while showcasing your amazing view when opened. Find your inspiration here…

Invigorated with Springtime?

Designer Roller ShadesThis season has brought a revitalization, a freshness only experienced in Springtime. Harness that energy with bold colors this season. From a bright, pop of color, to the subtle hue of neutrals, the sleek backdrop provided by Designer Roller Shades will heighten the style of any room in your home. With Hunter Douglas’ Counterparts Program, you can select complementary fabrics and design elements across a variety of window covering options, including Designer Roller Shades. Enjoy the sunshine of Springtime – no matter the size, shape or function of your windows!

Captivated by Nature?

Designer Roller ShadesAlluring design, restorative charm. The qualities of nature welcome in an atmosphere of sublime relaxation. With fabrics and textures inspired by the great outdoors, let Designer Roller Shades envelope your home in peaceful tranquility. With simplistic operation to open, close or adjust, you can enjoy the benefits of these window coverings in an instant. Add the convenience of automation with PowerRise, and experience nature like never before with the simple touch of a button.

Mesmerized with Patterns?

Designer Roller ShadesFrom geometric designs to whimsical patterns, the style choices are endless with Designer Roller Shades. Add dimension and unique charm to your space as your window coverings reflect the charisma of your own personality. Already have your favorite design scheme in your home through drapery panels and top treatments? The low profile of Designer Roller Shades makes pairing a cinch, and they won’t complicate the stunning look of your window treatments.

Determined to Find Solutions?

Designer Roller ShadesLike a light switch, the open and close operation of Designer Roller Shades offers you instant solutions for light control, privacy and UV protection. These window coverings allow you to choose how much light enters your room, regardless of the time of day. Tired of the glare? It’s gone – in an instant. Direct sunlight heating up your home? No more. And because Designer Roller Shades have such a low profile design and simplistic operation, they fit anywhere, making them the perfect solution for your trickiest spots!

We want to help make your inspiration a reality. At Horizon Window Fashions, our design experts will take the time to listen to you. Form, function and fashion can be yours with window coverings that create a beautiful backdrop for your life. Contact our team for a free, in-home consultation.

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