Fresh air and sunshine. With all of the Springtime excitement in the Reno area, humans are not the only ones who want to enjoy all that nature has to offer. While they can’t be outside all the time, your pets can enjoy a daily dose of sunshine and a great view with window coverings based on their needs. (And yours, too!) Make sure it’s safe for them with these tips for pet safe window coverings.


Give them access.

pet safe window coveringsHouzz featured an article that takes you room-to-room for pet proofing your home. We know that pets spend a great deal of time at the windows. They want to be a part of the excitement, sometimes just catching a glimpse is enough to satisfy their curiosity. Wouldn’t it be great if you could maintain privacy and light control without having to worry about what it would look like later? Pet safe window coverings, like our Skyline Gliding Panels, offer a vertical solution for pets to nudge aside to take a peek, or open for partial view during the day. Perfect for sliding glass doors and large windows, these pet safe window coverings allow your pet to interact without harm to themselves or your window shades, and go right back into position.


Make them safer.

pet safe window coveringsCords can be dangerous for children and pets that just want to play. Pet safe window coverings involve removing the temptation of potential entanglement so your pets will stay safe, even when you’re away. All of our window shades and window blinds, like our Pirouette Window Shadings, feature safety options when it comes to cords. That means you choose what will work best for your home, knowing that our first priority is to keep your family safe, and that includes the furry members! Cordless options are available in LiteRise and PowerRise. If a cord is necessary, you have the options of Cordlock technology or a short, retractable cord. Keep them safe, and give yourself some peace of mind.


Show them the world…or not.

pet safe window coveringsPets love to be front and center for whatever is going on just beyond your windows and doors. You know your pet best. Sometimes giving them access to the view is what they need, and sometimes it’s not. Some pets do better with a bit more seclusion. The beauty of pet safe window coverings, like our Vignette Modern Roman Shades, is that with features like top/down, bottom/up, you can decide on the environment for your pet. For more seclusion, without sacrificing natural light, bring the top down while keeping the bottom closed. For a consistent, comfortable temperature all day while your pets enjoy the view, adjust open slightly at the top and bottom, while the majority of the window shades stay in position, giving you all the benefits you need.


Keep that polished look.

pet safe window coveringsOne concern we all have with pets is the cleanliness factor. Pets bring in dust. They leave footprints. They leave hair that forms pet ‘tumbleweeds’ in the corners of your home. Hunter Douglas offers materials and fabrics that are dust and soil resistant, which means that your pets can interact with these pet safe window coverings, and they will remain fresh and clean for years to come. With design features, like the pleats of Duette Architella Shades, the innovation of TruPleat technology ensures that your window shades will stay organized and uniform – just the way you want it to be.


Members of our family, permanently stuck in our hearts, our pets mean the world to us. Create an environment in your Reno area home that allows them to exist comfortably throughout their days and nights. With pet safe window coverings, your pets will be protected, and your investment will too, with the long-lasting durability of our Hunter Douglas products. Contact our team, at Horizon Window Fashions, for a free, in-home consultation.


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