Every home has its tricky spots. And solving those issues is not always easy – sometimes you create problems by solving other ones. When it comes to light control solutions, versatility is your most important characteristic, offering you solutions that will fit your lifestyle. One of our favorite ways to provide you with the versatility you need, here in the Reno area, is with top down bottom up window coverings.


Privacy is Comfort.

Light Solutions: Top Down, Bottom Up Window CoveringsWith top down bottom up window coverings, you can adjust your custom window shades exactly where you need them to be so you feel comfortable with your privacy. The beauty of this operating feature is that you still can enjoy natural light filling your rooms. You can still take in the beauty of the trees and sky right outside your home. No sacrifice here, but all the privacy you and your family need.


Atmosphere is Everything.

Light Solutions: Top Down, Bottom Up Window CoveringsThe environment within your home should be all you want it to be. Pleasant and relaxing, you should spend time in your home without complication or frustration. With top down bottom up window coverings, adjust your window shades based on circumstance. Feel like watching TV in the afternoon? No problem. The glare is diffused, even though natural light can be welcomed in through other parts of the window. Exactly what you need and want, every time.


Temperature Control is Valuable.

Light Solutions: Top Down, Bottom Up Window CoveringsMake no mistake – one of the biggest issues for homeowners in the Reno area is temperature control. The intensity of direct sunlight can make those utility bills skyrocket. Wouldn’t it be nice to find a solution that doesn’t feel so secluded? Top down bottom up window coverings can be adjusted to fit the exact position needed. You can still experience the beauty of your view with natural light entering your home, without risking heating it up.


And Timing Matters.

Do you know that the automation of your window shades can be scheduled? Throughout the day, the sunlight interacts with your home in different ways based on your home’s location and the direction your windows face. Top down bottom up window coverings can be set to adjust so your home receives the best benefits available with effortless operation. We would love to help you discover what the versatility of custom window shades can do for you. Contact our team, at Horizon Window Fashions for a free, in-home consultation.

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