Sunny skies, a beautiful view…Summer time in the Reno area can be filled with both. Does your home need window coverings? If the idea of the Summer sunshine has you feeling like you want to run and hide, chances are you either don’t have window shades, or maybe you don’t have the right ones. The correct window coverings for your home will provide energy efficiency, privacy, UV protection and light control. The results from before and after Hunter Douglas Powerview window coverings will amaze you, and leave you wondering how you ever lived without them.

Does this look familiar?

before and after window coveringsBeautiful decor, an amazing view. This home is the essence of style and design…but wait. Look at that spectacular view – can you actually see anything beyond the blinding glare? That harsh light enters the room, draining all color from the artwork and other elements of design. Everything is left dull and hazy. The light makes the room feel uncomfortable, and the temperature most likely does as well. The heat in this home will skyrocket in the late afternoon as the intensity of sunlight treats those floor to ceiling windows much like magnifying glasses. The air conditioning will be working on overdrive in an attempt to maintain consistency. Have you see enough? The ‘before’ of this before and after window coverings scene is a realistic look at the burdens of absent window shades.

Does your home need a transformation?

before and after window coveringsThe scene has changed in so many ways. The atmosphere is full of an ambient glow, natural light entering in just the right amount through the beneficial feature of these top down bottom up window coverings. Duette shades add the beauty of design, but also contribute much needed privacy, light control, UV protection and energy efficiency. The design elements of the room seem to pop with color, as the harsh light no longer invades the space. UV protection in place means that the beautiful artwork, flooring and belongings are no longer in danger of fading with time. The temperature is consistent and comfortable – maintained easily with the insulation of cellular technology at the window with Duette shades. The life of the room has changed as the function of the room is now effortless with the Hunter Douglas PowerView. PowerView automation allows the ultimate control with one touch of a button on your favorite device. Create scenes, set schedules and enjoy control from anywhere in the world with PowerView from Hunter Douglas.

You deserve it.

The lifestyle. The atmosphere. The benefits. You deserve all of it. If these photos of before and after window coverings don’t convince you, take a look around at your own home. How’s the color? The glare? The temperature? We can help. The right window coverings for your Reno area home are just a phone call away. We have helped many of your neighbors find solutions for the trickiest light control issues. Contact our team, at California Window Fashions, for a free, in-home consultation.

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