Roman shades might be just the thing you’re looking for to enhance the beauty and function of your home and life. They offer privacy and light control while allowing you to enjoy the stunning scenes of the city and mountains. Enhancing the classic charm or modern chic style of your home, and providing convenience beyond compare, our Vignette Modern Roman Shades will leave you wondering how you ever lived without them in Reno!


Want Privacy and a View?

Vignette-roman-shades-floor-to-ceiling-by-Horizon-Window-FashionsFrom picturesque mountain landscapes to the hustle-and-bustle of downtown, the view outside your home is something worth seeing. Yet, you might find yourself covering those gorgeous panoramas because of unyielding glare or the desire for a bit more privacy. You don’t have to. You can have the best of both worlds with roman shades. Customize our Vignette Modern Roman Shades to get everything you want. Choose a sheer fabric that allows you to softly focus the view so you can still take in the beauty of the outside while diffusing glare, or pick an opaque one that blocks virtually everything to shut out the world for a cozy night in. You can even opt for the top-down bottom-up feature that gives you ultimate control to balance enjoying the view with your needs for privacy. You can have it all with roman shades!


Want Comfort and Style?

Vignette-roman-shades-patio-doors-windows-by-Horizon-Window-FashionsDo you have a love-hate relationship with the sun? You love how soft, natural light streaming into your home brightens interior spaces and your mood. You hate how direct light blinds you and makes the temperature in your home climb. You wonder…is there a happy medium? There is! Experience ultimate comfort with Vignette Modern Roman Shades. They’ll help you achieve perfect daylighting, and their insulating properties will keep your home’s temperature just right. Plus, they’ll add an element of sophisticated style to any room. Accent soft, contemporary designs with full folds, or highlight modern, clean lines with flat folds that offer a defined finish. And, let your open concept areas shine as complementary shades on windows and doors keep the space flowing. Beauty, energy-efficiency, and natural light will meet in your home with roman shades.


Want Convenience?

Vignette-roman-shades-automation-by-Horizon-Window-FashionsYou already have enough to do. The last thing you need is for fiddling with window and door coverings to be on your to-do list. Our Vignette Modern Roman Shades are effortless to operate. Push or pull them with your hands, use a retractable cord, or enjoy the ingenuity of the Hunter Douglas PowerView. Tap a button on your favorite device or the Pebble remote for motorized control. Better yet, set and save the positions of your roman shades that are best for your unique home, and then schedule them to occur automatically. You’ll have the right atmosphere all day long without lifting a finger. Take a task off of your cleaning list too. Our Vignette Modern Roman Shades are treated to repel dust, soil, and stains, so they’ll need very little attention from you! Save yourself from extra work and enjoy the convenience these window coverings offer. You deserve it!


So, are you looking for privacy and a view? Do you want to add comfort and style to your home and life? Are you longing for convenience and more time to do the things you enjoy? Then you’re ready for roman shades, and we are ready to help. Let us work with you to customize roman shades for your specific home, needs, and lifestyle. Our experts will guide you in finding the fabrics, features, and mechanics that are just right for you. Contact our team at Horizon Window Fashions for your free, in-home consultation.

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