Are you excited for autumn in Reno this year? As the blazing summer heat begins to fade, cooler nights and more comfortable days are already a refreshing relief! Soon, vibrant colors will fill the trees and fall will be on full display with all of its glorious splendor. Enjoy that beauty inside your home this year with the season’s hottest design trend: rustic decor. Bring in organic textures and shapes, natural warmth and colors, as well as glowing light and views all while keeping an elegant feel in your spaces. While autumn transforms the outdoors into a postcard-worthy paradise, transform your interior into one fit for a double page spread in a magazine. Start with the right top-down bottom-up window shades. They’ll set the perfect tone for striking rustic style in your home this season.


Nature Comes In

top down bottom up window shades RenoOne of the key features of rustic decor is its connection to nature. Rustic rooms are extensions of the outdoors and incorporate natural elements throughout their spaces. Hand-woven shades made from reeds, grasses, and woods–like these Provenance shades–are ideal for establishing rustic style. They make a natural, yet stunning, design statement all while offering you exceptional light control and spectacular views. These top-down bottom-up window shades filter sunlight and let you adjust them from the top or bottom to give your rooms a gorgeous autumn glow without harsh brightness or glare. Offering you a view-through, they also turn outside fall landscapes into pieces of art you can enjoy inside. Customize Provenance shades with optional valances and edge bandings for just the perfect look in your home this fall.


Light and Views On Display

top down bottom up window shades RenoRustic decor is all about natural lighting and views. With simple and minimal furnishings and accents, sunlight and outdoor panoramas often take center stage in rustic-styled rooms. Large expanses of glass on windows and doors are every rustic’s dream. Yet, extreme brightness, glare, UV rays, and temperatures are not. Choosing the right window treatments is a huge part of making rustic decor a beautiful and comfortable reality in your home. The function of top-down bottom-up window shades is optimal for getting the most versatile light control, and Duette Architella Shades, shown here, add the benefits of superior energy-efficiency, UV protection, and a welcoming style that is a natural partner for contemporary rustic decor. Customize them for your home this fall and get free cordless with the Exclusive Savings promotion going on now!


The Past Becomes Present

top down bottom up window shades RenoA sense of connection to the past is a classic aspect of rustic decor, but that doesn’t mean it won’t work in a contemporary space. In fact, today’s interpretations combine tradition with modern design for a unique, best-of-both-worlds look. A predominantly neutral color palette mixes with pops of modern color. Natural materials and textured fabrics are paired with sleek surfaces and clean lines. Organic-looking window treatments merge with modern conveniences. These Solera Soft Shades appear to have come straight from the natural world, so they blend nicely into a rustic-inspired environment, and they have all of today’s desired features: energy-efficient design, light-filtering and room-darkening options, top-down bottom-up function, and PowerView automation. They provide all the warmth and charm of rustic styling with all the conveniences of modern living. What more could you want? How about to get them on sale? Save on Solera Soft Shades this fall during the Season of Style Event!


With beauty ever-increasing outside, autumn is the perfect time to invite the natural and dramatic beauty of rustic decor into your home. It will transform your rooms into spaces of both comfort and elegance. If you’re ready to begin with the perfect top-down bottom-up window shades, we’re ready to help. Our design consultants can guide you in selecting the right styles, materials, colors, and operating systems for your rustic-inspired rooms. We can even provide advice and inspiration to help you achieve the look and feel you want in your home. Contact our team at Horizon Window Fashions for a free, in-home consultation.

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