You know how when midsummer roles around, and all you want is the light of that bright sunny day without all the scorching heat that comes with it? Without a good window dressing setup, your home can quickly become a hotbox. But have no fear, we have a few great window designs for you that are functional, as well as energy efficient. Take a look for yourself:

Energy Efficient Window Awnings

Did you know window awnings can reduce heat from the sun by as much as 65% on southern facing homes, and 77% on those of you facing west? Originally made of metal or canvas, awnings used to have to be resurfaced fairly routinely, but with the emersion of synthetic materials such as acrylic, this isn’t so much the case anymore. If you decide to go with one of these energy-friendly shade providers, be sure to pick an opaque color, as this allows for optimum heat repellent and as a result, a happier you.

Interior Blinds for Summer Days

While lacking in the heat retention department, interior window blinds are a great way to keep the heat from getting in. With great adjustability and a reflective surface, window blinds can reduce heat in your home by as much as 45%. And if you really want to impress the neighbors at the next barbecue, consider painting your ceilings a light color to help with heat reduction—with blinds, you can direct sunlight onto the ceiling, which with a light pigment can diffuse the light and eliminate the heat that accompanies it.

Save Energy with Shades

Seems simple, right? Well sometimes, simple is best. Shades are a great way to reduce heat in your home, especially when placed close to a wall which creates a sealed air space. To be especially energy efficient, get your hands on some duel shades. These bad boys are dark on one side, and reflective on the other, allowing you to reverse them depending on the season for either a nice cool living room, or a toasty den in the depths of winter. Just remember: face the reflective side toward the place of greatest heat—whether that’s outside or in your living room.

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