Without the right window coverings, your life is at the mercy of the sun.

Do you find yourself living in certain parts of your home based on the time of day instead of feeling comfortable anywhere at any time? What’s holding you back from moving forward and having the home of your dreams? Is it that you are just too busy to research solutions? Maybe you look at window covering options, but feel overwhelmed by all of your choices. Is buying window coverings just at the bottom of your to-do list? Whatever your reason, it’s time for a real transformation. Check out this dramatic before and after and see what proper window shades did to this living room. it’s easy to bring this kind of change to your own home – find out how with Horizon Window Fashions.

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Before: Bare Windows – No Window Coverings.

Before Window CoveringsBare windows allow the sun to wreak havoc in open living rooms like this. Walk into the space, and you’re already squinting into an unyielding glare. Try to relax with a book or your favorite device on a summer day, and you’re sweltering as the sun shines in on you. The winter is equally unbearable, as cold drafts freeze you out. Not only is all of that unmitigated sun potentially damaging your eyes, but UV rays are also damaging your furnishings. The “before” of this before and after transformation is painful. Without window coverings all you can do is avoid this room until the sun goes down. Does this remind you of a space in your own home? It doesn’t have to. By taking charge, you can enjoy light and privacy control and protect your valuables. You can live in comfort and in control.

After: Silhouette Window Coverings – Stability and Protection

After Window CoveringsThese Silhouette window shadings changed this room immensely. The first thing you might notice is how much more beautiful the space truly is. The shades pull in and spread out natural light. The window coverings diffuse the light and cut glare, better allowing for a breathtaking view. Instead colors are no longer washed out by the sun, instead they accent the space. There is now also protection from harmful UV rays. These Silhouette window coverings are not only beauty, they also restore functionality to this space. The temperature is now more stable and it’s easier to imagine relaxing here. The window shades provide effortless adjustability, allowing you as much light and privacy as you like. Silhouettes are one of many window covering options Horizon has to offer.

How You Can Restore Beauty and Functionality to Your Home

We understand that life is busy, and that’s why we are here to help. We offer you our design expertise and are always on-hand for consultations. We’re here to help you discover the best window coverings for your home, regardless of your needs. It’s time to move forward and have the home you’ve always wanted. Connect with us today to set up a free, in-home consultation with one of our design consultants. We’ll help you choose the right window coverings and give you the best value for your investment with great promotions.

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