New Custom Draperies and Curtains From Hunter Douglas

Horizon Window Fashions is now offering custom draperies and curtains through Hunter Douglas! Our designers at Hunter Douglas have insider knowledge on what customers want in their preferred window treatments and tailor their products to meet these specific needs. In a world where a multitude of products are mass-produced to keep up with ever-increasing demand, Hunter Douglas is a manufacturer that goes against this grain, always putting the customer’s preferences first. 

We explore the benefits of customizable window treatments as well as detail the process of selecting your custom draperies and curtains with our one-of-a-kind design studio below!   

custom drapery and curtains Key Features and Benefits of Custom Draperies and Curtains

Our Design Studio suite of products is designed to add depth, dimension, and texture to your windows with our artfully curated collection of designer fabrics with built-in key features you’ll be pleased you don't have to hunt around for! 

Performance Fabrics

  • Durable
  • Stain-resistant
  • UV blocking


  • Features a deluxe 2.5x fullness
  • Ripplefold drapery comes in standard with 2x fullness 

Light Control

  • All fabrics excluding sheer are fully lined with a white light-filtering or room-darkening liner so you can strategically use the appropriate drapery feature for the effect you want in each individual room

Finishing details

  • With tailored headers, handcrafted pleats, and precisely finished hems, your drapery will always have that custom finish! 

Drapery Hardware

  • Our Design Studio offers both automated and manual options to lift your drapes, no matter what style you choose


  • We have custom made pillows in two exclusive sizes: 22-inch square and 12 X 16 inch oblong

Tips When Utilizing The Design Studio

Our Design Studio is the best place to start when choosing your custom drapery and curtains. Take your pick from a range of styles, designer collections, fabric textures, colors and patterns, lengths, and other window treatments. Our specialists will work with you to pinpoint your specific needs and desires when it comes to window coverings, taking into account factors such as window shape and size, lighting and privacy preferences, and existing decor patterns.

Fabric styles include: artisanal embroidery, jacquards, velvet, linen, sheer, wool, silk, and eight signature fabrics from New York designer, Rebecca Atwood. 

Drapery and side panel styles include: two-finger pinch pleat, two-finger European pinch pleat, ripple fold, and grommets. 

Combine Window Treatments

It's important to keep your existing window treatments in mind as well as the aesthetics of the room you are adding to. The best way to start is by selecting your window shade color and pattern, taking into account the design elements of the surrounding space. Then consider how to complement your shade arrangement with drapes and side panels. Some ideas from design experts include:

  • If you want to go bold, pair a solid colored shade with contrasting drapes
  • If you have a patterned shade you really love, choose drapes that bring out one of the colors in the shade’s pattern
  • If your shade has a very diverse and involved pattern, complimentary drapery could be a solid color like a soothing sea blue or vibrant shade of red

Choosing the Right Curtain Length

Functionality and appearance are the biggest factors when it comes to choosing the length you want your drapes or curtains to fall to. Going for a clean, elegant look? Floor-length drapes will do the trick, just make sure to leave at least a half an inch between the drapes and the floor for greater functionality when you open and close them. 

Want a more dramatic look? Let your drapes brush the floor. Keep in mind this might not be practical for every room such as the kitchen or bathrooms as they may get in the way, so hang them just below the window sill for optimum functionality. 

custom drapery and curtains

Work With a Hunter Douglas Window Treatment Specialists

With all of this insider information on the benefits of custom Hunter Douglas window treatments, the Design Studio, and tips on pairing different window coverings together from design experts, it’s time to choose window treatments for your home! Speak with one of our authorized Hunter Douglas Window-Treatment Specialists who can work with you on the design, measurement, and installation specifications for your home today!  


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