Interior Design Guide: Hunter Douglas' Aura Illuminated Shades Elevate Home Ambiance in Reno-Tahoe & Truckee

The constant pursuit of elevating our living spaces has brought us to the brink of some truly remarkable innovations. Among them is Hunter Douglas' Aura Illuminated Shades—a product that promises not just style but a transformative living experience. Presented by Horizon Window Fashions, this offering is set to redefine our perceptions of home ambiance and comfort.

Introduced to the eager audience at CEDIA Expo 2023, Hunter Douglas announced the Aura Illuminated Shades—a pioneering leap in the realm of home shading products. This isn't merely a shade; it's a holistic three-in-one design spectacle. Comprising a front shade exuding traditional aesthetics, a room-darkening reflective liner, and a trailblazing ambient illumination via programmable LED, Aura promises a living experience tailored to personal preference and the rhythms of nature.

Why Aura Illuminated Shades are More Than Just a Shade

Natural light doesn't merely light up our spaces; it influences our well-being, sleep patterns, and overall productivity. Yet, harnessing this light comes with its own set of challenges. The harmful UV rays can be detrimental to our interiors, and excessive light might turn comfort into discomfort. Here's where smart shades have made their mark, allowing homeowners to strike a harmonious balance with their internal clocks.

Aura Illuminated Shades transcend the traditional smart shade benefits. They infuse cutting-edge functionality with groundbreaking design. The shades’ built-in LED feature isn’t just a light source; it’s an architectural masterpiece that mimics the essence of natural light by the window. This integration empowers homeowners, offering them the reigns to orchestrate both natural and artificial light, to curate perfect illumination—be it during dawn, dusk, or any moment in between.

Recalling last year’s CEDIA Expo, Scott Stephenson, senior director of product, global motorization at Hunter Douglas, remarked, "Our exclusive preview of Aura Illuminated Shades garnered unparalleled interest. As integrators ardently sought after personalized solutions for lighting design, wellness, and routine, it was evident that Aura was a class apart. This year, with a renewed focus on wellness and control, we're ecstatic to officially unveil Aura and usher in a new epoch of lighting and shading design."

Shining a Light on Aura’s Illuminated Shades Ingenuity

Aura illuminated shades in Reno-Tahoe and Truckee

One might wonder, what makes Aura's illumination stand out? The secret lies in its intricate design. A combination of a parabolic reflector and reflective liner ensures the LED light is evenly dispersed. Simultaneously, a diffuser diligently works to avert any hotspots. The outcome? A serene, uniform glow reminiscent of daylight permeating through a traditional shade.

The shades' tunable white lighting isn't static. It's a dynamic symphony that can be orchestrated to reflect a gentle sunrise, mimic the luminance of midday, provide comforting light on an overcast day, or set a perfect mood for evening entertainment.

What happens when the LED feature is powered off? Aura doesn't falter; it transitions gracefully into a traditional shade, continuing to offer all the coveted benefits homeowners have come to expect from their smart shades.

Aura Illuminated Shades: Integrated, Scalable, and Smart

Aura’s versatility is further accentuated by the PowerView Gen 3 Automation's integration—a system known for its reliable two-way communication. Whether it's a fresh build or a renovation, Aura aligns seamlessly. Post-installation, homeowners can delve into the PowerView App, curating personalized scenes and orchestrating automations to achieve the ambiance of their dreams. Control isn't limited to an app, though. The Aura experience can be tweaked through the PowerView App, Pebble Remote, voice commands, or even leading smart home systems.

Adding a final touch to its elegance, Aura comes available in an array of Hunter Douglas’ most coveted shade styles, be it the Vignette Stacking Roman Shades, Sonnette Cellular Shades, or the Designer Roller Shades. And with a plethora of fabric options to choose from, there’s an Aura for every space, every mood, every homeowner.

Hunter Douglas' Aura Illuminated Shades, presented by Horizon Window Fashions, aren't merely an addition to your home—they are an experience. An experience of light, design, and innovation that promises to elevate your living spaces into realms of unparalleled comfort and ambiance.

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