Staying Ahead of the Curve: Hunter Douglas and Modern Window Fashion Trends

In the dynamic world of interior design, staying abreast of the latest trends is key to creating a contemporary and comfortable living space. At Horizon Window Fashions, we understand this need and are proud to showcase how Hunter Douglas, a leader in window treatments, continually innovates to meet and exceed these trends.

The Rise of Eco-Friendly Window Solutions

In recent years, there's been a significant shift towards eco-friendly and sustainable materials in window treatments. Hunter Douglas has been at the forefront of this movement, offering a range of products made with environmentally conscious materials. Their commitment to sustainability is not only about the materials but also extends to energy-efficient designs and responsible manufacturing processes.

A Green Choice for Your Home

Choosing Hunter Douglas means investing in products that reduce your carbon footprint without compromising on style and functionality. Their eco-friendly range offers a variety of designs that cater to the environmentally conscious homeowner, ensuring your window treatments are as green as they are beautiful.

Smart Homes, Smarter Window Treatments

The integration of smart home technology has revolutionized how we interact with our living spaces. Hunter Douglas has responded to this trend by offering advanced window treatments that seamlessly integrate with home automation systems. These smart solutions provide enhanced convenience, allowing you to control light, privacy, and even energy consumption with the touch of a button.

Energy Efficiency and Convenience

Hunter Douglas products are not just about ease of use; they are also designed to improve your home's energy efficiency. With innovative designs that optimize insulation and sunlight control, these window treatments can help reduce your energy bills while adding a touch of modern sophistication to your home.

Minimalism and Modern Design in Window Fashion

The minimalist design trend, characterized by clean lines and uncluttered spaces, is another area where Hunter Douglas excels. Their window treatments align perfectly with modern decor, offering sleek designs that complement rather than overwhelm a room. From roller shades to custom blinds, each product is a testament to the elegance of simplicity.

Versatility in Design

Hunter Douglas understands that minimalist does not mean monotonous. Their range includes various textures, fabrics, and colors, allowing you to achieve that minimalist look without sacrificing your unique style.

Tailoring to Your Unique Needs

Every home is different, and so are the needs of its inhabitants. Hunter Douglas recognizes this with its wide array of customizable window treatment options. Whether it's a specific color palette, a unique fabric choice, or a particular operating system, Hunter Douglas products can be tailored to meet your individual style and functional requirements.

The Horizon Window Fashions Touch

At Horizon Window Fashions, our experts are ready to guide you through these choices, ensuring that your Hunter Douglas window treatments are not only trendy but also perfectly suited to your home.

Engage with Horizon Window Fashions

Eager to bring these trends into your home? Visit our showroom or explore our website to view the latest Hunter Douglas collections. Schedule a consultation with our experts at Horizon Window Fashions and subscribe to our newsletter for more updates on window fashion trends and products.

In Reno, we've come to know our fair share of scorching summer days. Finding an effective way to keep our homes cool, comfortable, and energy-efficient during these sweltering months can be quite the challenge. Thankfully, we now have an innovative and sophisticated solution from Horizon Window Fashions: the PowerView Automation system.

PowerView Automation: Redefining Window Treatments

PowerView Automation is an advanced window treatment system that allows your motorized drapes and shutters to move in harmony with the sun's trajectory. This automation system not only revolutionizes how we manage the amount of sunlight entering our homes but also enhances our control over indoor temperatures and energy efficiency.

By automating your window treatments to open with the sunrise, tilt during peak sun intensity, and close after sunset, you're maintaining an optimal indoor climate throughout the day without constant manual adjustment. This ingenious application of technology makes PowerView Automation an integral part of any smart home setup.

Creating an Energy-Efficient Home

PowerView Automation makes it easy to capitalize on the sun's daily patterns for maximum insulation. By managing heat gain during the summer months, you can maintain a comfortable indoor temperature and reduce strain on your cooling system, leading to significant savings on your energy bills.

With PowerView Automation, you're not merely adopting a new gadget; you're investing in an energy-conscious future. This forward-thinking approach aligns with global efforts towards more sustainable living practices, making PowerView Automation an environmentally-friendly addition to your Reno home.

Window Coverings and PowerView Automation: Style Meets Intelligence

PowerView Automation is not a one-size-fits-all system; it's designed to work seamlessly with a variety of window treatments, allowing you to tailor your choice based on your aesthetic and functional preferences. Be it motorized drapes, shutters, shades, or blinds, PowerView Automation integrates with your chosen window treatments, adding a touch of sophistication and ease to your life.

Motorized drapes offer an elegant touch to any room, enhancing coziness while providing excellent insulation. Shutters, on the other hand, bring a classic aesthetic appeal and superior light control. Motorized shades, available in styles ranging from roller to Roman, offer a sleek appearance paired with versatility. Blinds provide unparalleled convenience and an additional layer of privacy, with materials ranging from wood to aluminum.

PowerView Automation gives these window treatments a life of their own. Imagine your drapes, shutters, shades, or blinds adjusting themselves as per the time of the day or your preset schedules. The marriage of style and technology has never been more harmonious.

Enhanced Control and Security

The PowerView Automation system offers multiple control options. The PowerView Automation App lets you adjust your shades from anywhere, while the stylish Pebble remote control offers in-home convenience.

For those seeking a hands-free solution, PowerView Automation works seamlessly with smart home systems like Amazon Alexa, Apple Homekit, and Google for voice-activated control.

Beyond convenience, the ability to adjust your window treatments remotely enhances home security. Using the RemoteConnect™ feature, you can create the illusion of an occupied home, potentially deterring intruders and providing peace of mind while you're away.

A Testament to Design Excellence

The innovative design of PowerView Automation has been recognized with the prestigious Red Dot Product Design Award. This award-winning design is visible in elements like the PowerView Hub, which acts as the system's control center, and the PowerView Repeater, which extends the signal range throughout your home. These components work seamlessly together, ensuring your entire home is covered and connected.

Embrace the Future of Home Automation

PowerView Automation offers a harmonious fusion of style, functionality, and convenience. With its intelligent features and user-friendly interface, it's an essential addition to any modern, energy-conscious home. It's not just about beating the Reno heat; it's about embracing the future of home automation and elevating your living experience. Explore the power and potential of PowerView Automation today, and transform your home into a cool, smart sanctuary with the window treatments that best suit your lifestyle and preferences.

Choosing the correct window treatments can make a huge difference in the energy efficiency and comfort of your home. And in Reno, NV, where temperatures can range from scorching hot summers to chilly winters, it's especially important to choose window treatments that can help regulate your home's temperature throughout the year. Another large factor in deciding on the correct window treatments for you is picking ones that fit with your design vision for you home.

Cellular Shades

Cellular shades, also known as honeycomb shades, are a great option for Reno's climate. These shades are specially designed with pockets within the fabric that are built specifically to insulate your home better to help make sure the winters are warmer and summers are cooler. These shades also come in semi-opaque and room-darkening options to perfectly suit whatever vibe you're going for.

Roller Shades

Another excellent option for Reno's environment are roller shades. The amount of light that enters your home may be altered by rolling up and down these shades, which are composed of a single piece of fabric. You can also tailor them to your particular requirements because they come in a range of materials, including light-filtering and blackout alternatives. While still allowing natural light into your home, roller shades can help keep your home cool in the summer by blocking out the sun's rays.

Plantation Shutters

A traditional window decoration that is both fashionable and practical are plantation shutters. The louvers on these shutters may be adjusted and angled to alter how much light enters your home. They work well as insulation, keeping your house cozy in the winter and cool in the summer. Plantation shutters are a fantastic long-term investment for your home because they are also simple to maintain and clean.

Solar Shades

Solar shades are another excellent option for homeowners in Reno looking for window treatments. These shades are made from a tightly woven fabric that blocks out UV rays and reduces glare, while still allowing natural light to filter into your home. They are perfect for Reno's sunny climate, as they help regulate the amount of heat that enters your home, keeping it cool and comfortable during the hot summer months. Solar shades are available in a variety of openness levels, allowing you to choose the amount of light and privacy you want for your space. They can also help protect your furniture and flooring from fading due to sun damage, making them a practical choice for homeowners who want to preserve the longevity of their decor. Additionally, solar shades are easy to operate, with options for motorization or cordless lifting systems.

Vertical Blinds

If you are still looking for another great window treatment option ins Reno, blinds are a versatile and practical option. These blinds can be found in a variety of materials, including fabric, vinyl, and aluminum, making them a popular choice among Reno locals. Vertical blinds can be adjusted to control the amount of light and heat that enters your home, providing an excellent solution for Reno's sunny climate. They are also easy to clean and maintain, which is especially important for busy homeowners in the area. If you are looking for blinds in Reno, NV, vertical blinds are an excellent option to consider. They come in a variety of hues and textures, so you can discover the ideal fit for the interior design of your house. By adding vertical blinds to your windows, you can also create a modern and sleek look, adding a touch of sophistication to any room. Overall, when it comes to window blinds in Reno, vertical blinds are a practical and stylish choice that you won't regret.

When it comes to choosing the right window treatments for Reno's climate, there are plenty of options to choose from. Whether you opt for cellular shades, roller shades, plantation shutters, solar shades, or vertical blinds, Reno can become more comfortable with Horizon Window Fashions. To find the perfect window treatments for your home, be sure to work with a trusted window treatment professional who can guide you through the selection process and provide expert installation services.

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Go no farther than your windows for a fast and inexpensive method to brighten up your living area. The appropriate window treatments can make a huge impact in the appearance and feel of your house. There are numerous alternatives to pick from, whether you want a modern, minimalist style or a more classic vibe.

Reno wood blinds for a sophisticated look.Wood Blinds for a Dash of Sophistication

One popular option for your home are wood blinds. These timeless window treatments add a touch of elegance to any room, whether your furniture is modern or traditional. Contact Horizon Window Fashions for best selection in Reno. Wood blinds come in a variety of hues and finishes, ranging from classic white to warm, rich tones like cherry & walnut. They also come in a range of slat sizes, letting you to choose the amount of light and privacy you want. With Horizon Window Fashions, you can achieve a classic and sophisticated look that will never go out of style.

Step into the Future with Motorized Drapes

Another option to consider is motorized drapes. These high-tech window coverings offer convenience and style in one package. You can open and close your draperies, alter the amount of light in the room, and even schedule them with the touch of a button. Motorized drapes are available in a variety of materials, colors, and patterns, so you may discover the right complement for your furnishings & house.

Other Options To Consider:

If you're looking for a more modern window treatment, consider roller shades. These sleek and simple shades are perfect for minimalist or contemporary furniture styles. Roller shades come in a range of colors and fabrics, from light-filtering to blackout options. With roller shades, you can achieve a clean and modern look while also enjoying the benefits of energy efficiency and light control.

For a classic and timeless look, consider Roman shades. These elegant window treatments are available in a range of fabrics, from light and breezy sheers to heavier, more luxurious materials. Roman shades come in a variety of styles, including flat, hobbled, and balloon, giving you plenty of options to match your furniture's style. They also offer excellent insulation and light control, making them a practical choice for any room in your home.

Another window covering option that can add sophistication to your home is plantation shutters. Plantation shutters have large louvers that allow for maximum light control and privacy. Plantation shutters also offer excellent insulation, which can help reduce your energy bills and provide year-round comfort.

Adding the right window coverings to your home can transform the look and feel of your living spaces. With Reno wood blinds, motorized drapes, roller shades, and Roman shades, you can find the perfect match for your furniture's style while also enhancing the functionality of your windows. Don't hesitate to contact Horizon Window Fashions to learn more about our Reno wood blinds and motorized drapes services and how we can help you create the perfect window coverings for your home.

You wake as the first signs of daybreak start to filter through your current window coverings, but instead of feeling refreshed, you still feel unusually groggy. As the day progresses you find yourself becoming sleepy and more irritable, even after drinking a second highly caffeinated beverage after arriving at the office. By lunch you think it would be a great idea to take a nap in your car, and although it would be nice if our bosses would insist that we take naps when we start rubbing our eyes, getting irritable, and generally behaving like children under the age of 6, it most likely isn’t going to happen.

If this sounds like a normal day for you, there could be a couple of causes for the poor night’s sleep you’ve been getting including environmental disruptions, stress, using screens (tv, tablet, phone) right before bed, drinking or eating too much, and sleep disorders. Each one of the disruptions listed can interrupt sleep cycles causing short- and long-term health issues.  Knowing these possible causes for restless sleep isn’t necessarily cause for concern, especially when you can try a simple solution before immediately phoning your sleep specialist to set up an appointment. The easiest things to try first is re-evaluating the effectiveness of your window coverings.

Ways You Can Improve Your Night's Sleep

We know that certain window treatments can help make your home more efficient, but they can also play an important role in promoting better sleep by creating an optimal sleeping environment. The following are some ways window coverings can help improve your night’s sleep by:

cadence vertical blinds

The first and second environmental disruptions to our sleep, light and noise, are probably the most likely contributors to sleepless nights and at the same time they can be the easiest disruption to get rid of. When dealing with noise pollution filtering into our sleep environment, cellular blinds, roman shades, and lined curtains can all help absorb the sound and reduce its effect on our sleep. Check out our Cadence® Soft Vertical Window Blinds that are accompanied by sound absorption, light control, and privacy to ensure a peaceful night's sleep.

Choosing the right window coverings for your bedroom can create a comfortable, relaxing, and sleep-conducive environment that helps you get a better night's rest. To find the right window treatment for your specific environmental sleep disruption, head down to see the professionals at Horizon Window Fashions or go online to view their Fashion Design Gallery for some inspiration.

Window coverings provide a wide range of benefits for your home. Not only are they used for aesthetic purposes, but they also help regulate your home’s temperature and allow you to manipulate the amount of light that shines through your windows, among other benefits. There are multiple types of window coverings to choose from, the two most common being blinds and shades. All of our Reno blinds and Reno shades are manufactured by Hunter Douglas for the best quality and durability. Now all you have to do is decide which you’d prefer - blinds or shades?    

Take a look below to learn more about Reno blinds and Reno shades from Hunter Douglas.

Comparing Blinds vs Shades

There are some key differences between blinds and shades that can help you decide which window covering option will work best for you and your home. Learn more about them below:

hunter douglas window treatments, horizon window fashionsReno Blinds

Blinds are considered “hard” window coverings as they are made from solid materials like wood, and metal. Blinds are made up of individual slats crafted from real wood, wood-alternative, or aluminum which can be rotated to let in more or less light. And to create a completely unobstructed view or have complete window coverage, you can simply raise or lower the blinds. Our Reno blinds are available in vertical and horizontal slats to fit any window or sliding glass doors. 

Reno Shades

Shades are considered “soft” window coverings as they are made from flexible materials. Unlike blinds which are made up of multiple louvers, shades are made using a single piece of fabric. They usually hang from a roller that creates neatly folded stacks when drawn to the top and a smooth finish when lowered. While shades typically cannot be rotated to filter light because they lack slats, they do come in various opacities to allow some control over the light that enters your home. You can choose from various colors and fabrics for your Reno shades, and room-darkening options are available.  

Choosing Between Blinds and Shades Vignette® Modern Roman Shades

When it comes time to choose between blinds and shades to adorn your home, there are a few things you should consider. First, you need to determine how much light filtration you need or want for your home. Do you require more flexibility so that you can adjust your window coverings as the day progresses? If so, blinds may be your best option because they can be rotated to let in as much or as little light as you want. Shades on the other hand are made in several opacities which also filter light, but are not adjustable throughout the day. 

You should also consider the aesthetics of your home to determine which window covering option would be best for you. Blinds typically provide a clean, natural look while shades are more flowing and modern. What’s so great about Hunter Douglas blinds and shades is that they come in a variety of sizes and colors to fit the look and feel of your home. 

Hunter Douglas Blinds

Hunter Douglas Shades

Connect with Horizon Window Fashions for Reno Blinds and Reno Shades

Horizon Window Fashions is a premier local Hunter Douglas dealer in Reno, NV. Our goal is to provide our customers with the best Reno blinds and Reno shades available. We are a Hunter Douglas supplier that carries a beautiful selection of premier window blinds, shades, and motorized shutters. Our variety of Hunter Douglas window coverings and treatments can match your Reno home style and make any room look luxurious.

Connect with us today to see if your home would be better suited for blinds or shades!

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Hunter Douglas Window Treatments

Nearly all of the Hunter Douglas window treatments can be automated now with our Powerview Automation. The exclusive Hunter Douglas Powerview® automation system allows people to enjoy the convenience of opening and closing their windows, blinds, or shades with the touch of a button.

Most of the Powerview window treatments are battery-powered, and the battery is hidden behind the headrail for a sleek design, so you don’t have to worry about it being out in the open.

You also have the option to have your Hunter Douglas Powerview® system to be hard-wired, eliminating the need for batteries. However, the motors that control the window treatments are very quiet so there’s no noise to bother you while your blinds or shades are in motion.

Hunter Douglas Powerview Setup

The Hunter Douglas Powerview setup begins with the new Powerview® Hub, which includes technology that lets you use voice commands to control your window treatments. The Powerview Hub connects to a Wi-Fi router to communicate with your window coverings that feature Powerview automation.

Now, with certain devices, you won’t even need to press a button to command your window blinds or shades. Download the Hunter Douglas Powerview setup app to make the process even easier by allowing you to set scenes and timers, which will put an end to turning your window treatments on-and-off by hand.

Hunter Douglas Alexa, Apple Home, Google

The Hunter Douglas Powerview Hub now supports devices such as Amazon Echo and Alexa to control your window treatments vocally. All you have to do is connect the devices, adjust your settings, and you’re ready to go!

This has made the process of opening and closing your Alexa, Apple Home, and Google Shades effortless. Check out a few of the devices that can be integrated with the Powerview hub.

Amazon Alexa Smart Shades

To activate the Powerview hub with Amazon Alexa, go to the Alexa App on your mobile device and select “Menu.” Next, select the Skills and Games tab and search “Powerview Scenes Skill.” Enable the Powerview Scenes Skill and then select “Discover Devices.”

Once connected, you can command your Alexa device by saying “Alexa, turn on…” followed by the Powerview Scene name. For example, if you say “Alexa, turn on Good Morning,” your Powerview hub will activate the scene-setting for that command and open or close your blinds to the desired setting. Take a look at this video that shows exactly how to connect your Amazon Alexa to your Powerview hub.

Hunter Douglas Powerview Apple HomeKit

To use the Apple HomeKit with your Hunter Douglas PowerView® Shades, you’ll need to use your Apple Home app and Siri on any of the following Apple devices:

After you’ve installed your PowerView system, it’s time to enable HomeKit directly from the PowerView app. Once enabled, your PowerView shades can be controlled using Apple Home, and Siri with HomeKit enabled accessories from your Apple device.

Click here to download the how-to guide.

Google Assistant

To operate your Hunter Douglas PowerView blinds with Google Assistant, you’ll need to open either the Google Home or Google Assistant app on your mobile device. Click on “Home Control” in the Assistant tab. Next, choose to add a device by clicking on the plus sign icon and select “Powerview Scenes.”

You’ll be required to enter your PowerView account information to link your Powerview account to your Google account. Activate PowerView Scenes using the Google Assistant by saying action phrases that correspond to your Powerview Scene names.

For example, say, “Hey Google, activate Good Night,” and your Powerview hub will activate and control your window blinds without having to lift a finger.

Click here to download the how-to guide.

Pebble Control

horizon windows powerview smart shades renoIn addition to these devices and apps, we also offer The Pebble remote control. This is our modern answer to the clunky, outdated remote controls of the past. This sleekly designed remote control operates up to six different window treatments, gives you on-demand control, and comes in a variety of different styles.

Other compatible devices and operating systems include:

Compatible Window Treatments

Our PowerView Hub automation is available on the following models.

Quality Smart Shades

Horizon Window Fashions is a proud dealer of Hunter Douglas shades, blinds, and shutters. Our trained window fashion experts are certified in Hunter Douglas products and are specialists in the installation and maintenance of these products.

If you’re looking for new window blinds or shades, or want to try the Powerview automation window treatments by Hunter Douglas, then set up a free consultation! Our free in-home consultations make the process of getting new blinds or shades easy and painless.




Since we've all been cooped up indoors, many people are taking advantage of this time to get things done around their home that they usually don't think of doing. For instance, when was the last time you cleaned your window coverings? If it's been awhile, don't fret, you're not alone. And, Hunter Douglas window treatments are easier to clean than you may think.

To maintain your Hunter Douglas window treatments' quality, you'll need first to learn how to care for them properly. These window coverings are meant to require minimal care and cleaning, but you should be adequately prepared when the time does come.

horizon window fashions blinds

Removing Dust and Dirt

Dust and dirt collect on blinds and shades fairly quickly. To maintain your window coverings' quality, you should use safe cleaning methods and use the proper materials. Use these tips to get clean, dust-free blinds or shades.


As long as you regularly dust your blinds or shades, all they’ll require each time is some light dusting. You can use a microfiber cloth or microfiber duster, feather dusters, or wool dusters. However, you should avoid using magnetic cleaners, like the dusting mitt, on light-dimming fabrics. These types of cleaning materials can damage the backing of the light-dimming fabric. Take your duster or cloth and lightly glide it over the surface of your blinds or shades.

horizon window fashions vacuumingVacuuming

As long as you regularly dust your blinds or shades, all they’ll require each time is some light dusting. You can use a microfiber cloth or microfiber duster, feather dusters, or wool dusters. However, you should avoid using magnetic cleaners, like the dusting mitt, on light-dimming fabrics. These types of cleaning materials can damage the backing of the light-dimming fabric. Take your duster or cloth and lightly glide it over the surface of your blinds or shades.

Blow the Dirt Away

For this cleaning method, you’ll need either a can of compressed air or a hairdryer. Using your can of compressed air or your hairdryer (used on a non-heat or cool setting), blow the dust off selected window coverings. Please avoid using your hairdryer on a hot setting as it can cause damage to your blinds or shades.

Spot Cleaning

Remember to check your operation manual before spot cleaning your Hunter Douglas window treatments to prevent any damage. You can also check the Care and Cleaning guide from Hunter Douglas to ensure your product is safe to be spot cleaned.

While spot cleaning using household cleaning products can be an effective and safe cleaning method for your window coverings, try using a mild detergent and a clean, soft cloth. The detergent should be free of additives and be non-abrasive. You should avoid rubbing detergent into the product because it can damage the fabric. Instead, gently blot the spot with your clean cloth until clean.


Steaming is mostly used to remove wrinkles from the fabric, making your window coverings look more elegant and put together. This can be a tricky procedure because getting too close to the material can lead to damage. To prevent possible damage, be sure to hold your steamer 6-8 inches away from the fabric. Also, avoid using heavy-duty steamers as they can be too abrasive for the material. We recommend using a hand-held travel size steamer that produces consistent steam.

Injection and Extraction

Another tried, and true method we recommend is injection and extraction cleaning. This is one of the most effective ways to deep clean your window treatments and provides beautiful results. To do this, you'll inject a cleaning solution into the fabric and immediately extract the dirty solution by vacuuming it out. This helps the fabric dry quicker and ensures any dust or dirt is thoroughly removed from the product. This cleaning method is mostly used on room darkening fabric blinds or blinds that can't be cleaned ultrasonically.

Check Out Your Local Hunter Douglas Dealer

For more tips and tricks for cleaning your Hunter Douglas window treatments, connect with the experts at Horizon Window Fashions. They carry a variety of blinds and shades from Hunter Douglas. As a premier dealer of window coverings for the Reno and Sparks area, Horizon Window Fashions can help you decide which window treatment will be best for you and your home. Take a look at the Horizon Window Fashions Gallery and see all the options we have for you to choose from!

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Hunter Douglas PowerView, horizon window fashions

vignette shades, horizon window fashions Reno blind installation.

Horizon Window Fashions has partnered with Toll Brothers Reno to do vignette shades installations on their model homes. We are going to be starting a series in which we talk about specific model homes and the type of shade or shutter that was installed. Today, we will be talking about the Sorrento Trail model in Damonte Ranch that is featuring a Vignette Shade.

What is a Vignette Shade?

The Hunter Douglas Modern Roman Vignette shades come in a variety of fabrics. The combination of the gorgeous fabric and the soft, stacked folds give your home a clean, modern look. The stacked folds are designed to not only give off a beautiful aesthetic but are easy to operate as well. These shades do not have exposed rear cords, which improves the overall look of your home while also enhancing child safety.

What are Some of the Key Features of these Shades?

Variety of Fabrics to Choose From:  The Modern Roman shades are offered in sheer, light-filtering and room-darkening fabrics opacities. They come in a wide variety of colors and textures including silk, linen, tweed, and more.

Different Styles: The vignette shades are available in two different options. The first option is the Rolling Style feature, which includes a 4" full fold or 6" flat fold and rolls up towards the headrail. The second option is the Stacking style which stacks

Duolite: The Vignette Duolite Shades has both light-filtering and room-darkening capabilities. So whether you want to fill your house with sunlight, or get a few extra hours of sleep in the morning, the  Vignette Duolite shade gives you this option!

The Vignette Shades are also available in PowerView Motorization, LiteRise, UltraGlide, EasyRise, and Top-Down/Bottom-Up Operating Systems.

vignette shades, horizon window fashions Reno blind installation.

What Does the Reno Blind Installation Process Look Like?

Horizon Window Fashions will do the installation for you! The process varies depending on the type of shade or shutter and typically takes around 2 hours.

How to Clean Your Shades

Because Vignette Roman Shades are made using an anti-static, dust-resistant fabric. Here are a few tips to keep your shades looking brand new:

Dusting: To keep your shades dust-free, you can lightly sweep with a feather duster across the tiers.

Vacuuming: If you don't own a duster, a hand-held vacuum or vacuum with a suction attachment is a great alternative to removing dust.

Hair Dryer for Dirt & Debris: If you look at your shades and notice that dirt or debris is starting to collect, you can use your hairdryer (on the cool setting) to clean them out.

Spot-Cleaning: To spot clean your shades, take a cloth or sponge and dip it into a mixture of warm, distilled water and soap. Dab with the dampened cloth until you have gotten your desired result. Allow the shade to dry fully before raising them up!

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