French doors bring in tons of bright, natural light and open up rooms to the outdoors, but what are the best window coverings for French doors? Before buying, you'll need to consider several styles of window coverings and their related features. French doors are functional focal points, so the best coverings for French doors are those that modulate light and temperature. Depending on your needs, you'll most likely want to choose plantation style shutters or modern Roman shades.

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Best Window Coverings for French DoorsThe Best Window Coverings for French Doors Will Help Control Light

First, when choosing the best window coverings for French doors determine how you want to control the light. French doors allow light to stream into rooms and illuminate everything. This can be a problem when it comes to energy efficiency and optimal light control. Take an inventory of which direction your french doors face and how much light they let in throughout the day. You will also want to consider how you use the room and how much light you will want let in. If you think your French door window coverings will require constant adjustment throughout the day, then consider an automatic light control system like the Hunter Douglas PowerView. The window coverings below are some of the best options when it comes to french doors. Each allows for various degrees of functionality and energy efficiency.

Plantation Style Shutters

Light control and privacy are a one touch away. Plantation style shutters from Hunter Douglas help to direct the light coming in from your french doors. You can easily enjoy the view when adjusted open, while the designer look of the shutters heightens adds a touch of charm and style to your home. Shutters also allow for custom design elements like handle cut-outs, that are secured in place for safety and ease of operation. The romance of shutters, coupled with their functional qualities make these one of the best coverings for french doors.

Best Window Coverings for French DoorsModern Roman Shades

If you're looking to diffuse light as it streams through your french doors, then you'll need a fabric. Vignette Modern Roman Shades by Hunter Douglas provide this for your home resulting in sophistication and softness. You can adjust these shades to fully opened or closed positions. This provides you with a high degree of light control, energy efficiency and privacy. The low profile, of modern Roman shades and their custom design qualities make these one of the best window coverings for french doors. Enjoy optimal light control coupled alongside superior functionality. Horizon Window Fashions has the experience to help you select the best window coverings for french doors. We take into consideration the design and style and functional needs of your room. We’ll help you tie your room together with luxurious window coverings for your French doors. Request a complimentary design consultation from our experts, we'll help you determine the best style of shades, blinds, and shutters and which operating system will work best for you.

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