Spring is in the air! This is the time of year we all look forward to in the Reno area - spending time outside and enjoying fresh air and beautiful sunshine. Are your doors giving you trouble? Light control, in regard to doors, can leave many homeowners feeling frustrated. There are some great solutions out there in window coverings for your doors that will let you enjoy as much springtime sunshine as you would like, while also allowing functional access to your outdoor space. Here are just a few of our favorites...


Entranceway Solutions

If you have sidelights - also referred to as privacy windows - you are probably looking for ways to dress them. Incoming light has a great way of brightening your entrance, but can be horrible for privacy. While the privacy windows help your awareness of what is happening outside your front door, you shouldn’t have to feel overexposed.


Window Coverings for Your DoorsDuette Shades

With the clean, organized appearance of uniform pleats, our collection of Duette Shades offers your sidelights a stylistic option for light control and privacy. Top/down, bottom/up operation means you can let natural light in while maintaining your privacy. The cellular design offers energy efficiency so your home can remain a comfortable temperature throughout the year. The fabrics and colors you select will allow your entranceway to complement your home’s unique decor.


Window Coverings for Your DoorsSilhouette Window Shadings

For those homes that feature high ceilings with a foyer-like feel, window coverings for your doors and entrance way windows is extremely important for setting the right atmosphere. Silhouette Window Shadings are a beautiful option when you want to direct the light and diffuse the glare. Soft, filtered light flows through to offer your foyer a warm glow. Choose automation for the convenience and functionality of those hard-to-reach windows.


French Door & Patio Door Solutions

You need access to your outdoor space, and your french doors and patio doors prove to be useful for the high amount of traffic. When you need window coverings for your doors, they have to provide solutions for light control and privacy, but without function, you’ll just end up frustrated. You can have it all when it comes to your doors - you just need to know what’s out there.


Window Coverings for Your DoorsShutters

Light control and privacy are a simple tilt away, as Plantation Shutters direct the light and block it out as you see fit. You can easily enjoy the view when adjusted open, while the designer look of shutters heightens the level of style in your home. Shutters offer the custom design elements of handle cut-outs and are secured in place for safety and ease of operation. The romance of shutters, with the functional qualities you need, make these window coverings for your doors a fantastic choice.


Window Coverings for Your DoorsVignette Modern Roman Shades

When the beauty and flow of fabrics is the look you want, Vignette Modern Roman Shades will provide your home with sophistication and softness. The adjustment of these shades into the fully opened or closed position will provide you with light control, energy efficiency and privacy options. The low profile, custom design qualities of these window coverings for your doors allow you to enjoy light control while offering functional use of your doors highlighted with beautiful fabrics that will complement your home.


Sliding Glass Door Solutions

Speaking of high traffic areas - if you have a sliding glass door in your home, you know exactly what we are talking about. The opening and closing never stops - children, pets, family and friends constantly in and out. Sliding glass doors are often convenient and easy to use, even for your little ones, but they can pose problems as well.

Skyline Gliding Window Panels

Window Coverings for Your DoorsThe glass in your doors is similar to a large picture window, which means you need window coverings for your doors just like you would a large window. Skyline Gliding Window Panels offer a sleek, low profile design for contemporary appeal with durability and low maintenance, as well as allowing you to enjoy levels of privacy, light control and UV protection. The beautiful view is one simple gliding motion away.


Now that spring is on its way, are you in need of window coverings for your doors? We would love to help. As one of the tricky problems faced by homeowners, your doors need solutions so you can have the best of both worlds: natural light and a beautiful view, with the ease of light control and function that fit your lifestyle. Contact our team, at Horizon Window Fashions, for a free, in-home consultation.

When it comes to selecting new window furnishings, we’ve got you (and your windows) covered! Shades, shutters, and blinds are a great investment in the look, feel, and functionality of your home. And in this age of smart homes, it’s no surprise that automated blinds are growing in popularity. For over 22 years, Horizon Window Fashions has been adopting the latest technologies, then mastering the selection, installation, and customer support behind them. As a Hunter Douglas certified dealer, we carry motorized blinds that increase automation, energy savings, and enjoyment of your home.

Motorized window coverings are an efficient solution to optimize the positioning of your blinds throughout the day. Maybe you want to be able to shut all blinds simultaneously when heading out the door. Perhaps you desire the ability to adjust your shades remotely while out of town or at work. Or it could be that your windows are out of reach and you want a solution to control light levels up high. Whatever your needs are, Horizon Window Fashions will help you find the Hunter Douglas motorized shades that cater to your unique situation.

powerview motorization

Make Your Smart Home, Smarter.

Hunter Douglas motorized blinds feature discrete, rechargeable battery packs that can last up to a year on a single charge. Operation of the blinds can be set up through the PowerView® smart phone app, remotely controlled via the Pebble® wireless remote, or connected with the PowerView Gateway Hub® for completely autonomous operation. PowerView blinds also integrate seamlessly with home assistants like Amazon Alexa or Google Home, and as of May 2022, Hunter Douglas has incorporated Bluetooth® technology into new systems for two-way communication between your shades and the PowerView system. It’s entirely up to you to choose the level of automation you desire. Whether you’d like the blinds to operate on preset schedules, be adjusted with your fingertips, or be at your beckoned voice command, there’s a solution and style waiting just for you.

Control the Sun, Save Energy.

Light is a powerful energy source that is waiting to be harnessed (or blocked out) in your home. In the winter, Hunter Douglas power blinds can be programmed to let in light, and welcome heat while you’re away. In these hot summer months, automated blinds can block out harsh UV rays that are silently driving up your energy bill and causing fading to your furniture, flooring, and priceless pictures. Some compatible fashions even feature a honeycomb design that insulates your windows further against heat and cold. The high desert of Northern Nevada sees temperature swings from single to triple digits, and an average of 250+ days of sunshine a year. Investing in Hunter Douglas power shades is one more way to bolster your home’s energy-saving defenses in our unique climate.

Enjoy Your Home to its Greatest Potential.

A home is typically the biggest purchase made in our lifetimes. Some upgrades you make won’t have much impact on the value of the home, but motorized window fashions definitely do – especially when done right. DIY motorized conversion kits do exist on the market, but the online reviews say it all. Big, clunky motors. Loud gear drives. Cords in plain sight. As they say, buy nice or buy twice. Conserve your DIY energy for other projects in your home, but for a seamless fit & functionality, leave power shade installation up to the pros.

horizon windows powerview

Don’t go in Blind – Consult the Horizon Window Fashions Experts

The automated blind selection process can be overwhelming. Our customers have come to rely on Horizon Window Furnishings for prompt installation service, a strong manufacturer warranty, and friendly customer service to help you navigate the array of window covering options available. We’ll help you select a style of automated shutters, blinds, roller shades, or drapery to compliment your home.

Our in-house team of skilled, trained window fashion experts is among the best in the state – all certified in Hunter Douglas products. With our Gallery website tab, you can get inspired. Once you have an idea of what you like, schedule a Powerview™ Automation Consultation so we can begin working with you on a custom automated window covering solution for your Reno home!


Is your building in need of a new look? Commercial storefront windows and doors could be the perfect addition to give your building new life. At nvision Glass we offer affordable and practical products for your glass needs.

Uses of Storefront Glass

Storefront windows and doors are the first thing people see before walking into your building. It is a chance to give people an impression of your company before they even come into your space. We give you the ability to be creative and design a layout that reflects your ideas and company.

Advantages of Commercial Storefront Glass

New look

The addition of new storefront and doors can give your building a sleek modern look. While it is very simple, the look of the glass and the geometric positioning gives a great aesthetic to add a new feeling to your building.


Not only can your building increase in value with new glass, but it can also make your building more efficient. Commercial storefront and doors can help eliminate drafts and increase energy efficiency. They insulate better to keep it cool in the summer and warm in the winter without driving up your electricity costs. Commercial glass is an investment in your building.


In an office setting, more windows increase the flow of natural light. This can help reduce the cost of electricity but also keep office morale high. People can be more connected to the outside world and there isn’t a feeling of being stuck in a cave all day. This is great for office space as well as a retail setting. Storefront glass can give you the
ability to show off your products and make a welcoming entrance for your customers.


Another great thing about commercial glass is that it can be designed in many shapes and sizes. This gives you more room to create a layout that you love or that represents your company.

Storefront Glass Windows and Doors

Increased security

This could mean the addition of electrified locks, special
hardware and access controls that can be easily incorporated into your new storefront doors at the time of design.

nvision Glass: Custom Glass Reno

nvision Glass is one of the leading experts in custom glass solutions and we take the time to fully address the needs of each one of our customers. We are here to help from the start of the planning all the way through to the installation and additional follow up
and service. Feel free to contact us if you want to learn more or to start planning your new project!

Having high-quality window coverings over the glass in your house is important for reasons other than just aesthetic appeal. Horizon Window Fashions is Reno’s licensed Hunter Douglas supplier. We are passionate about providing you with beautifully made window treatments that also protect you and your family as well as your furniture and other possessions.


Alustra-Silhouette, horizon window fashions

Customized Window Coverings To Retain The Value Of Your Home

When you purchase Hunter Douglas window coverings through Horizon Window Fashions, you can be sure that they’re going to fit your window properly. Our experts come directly to your home to precisely measure. Many people purchase their window treatments directly online or through a catalog and then take the risk of the coverings not fitting properly. After we’ve provided you with a free consultation that entails properly measuring your windows, we invite you to come see our showroom. There, you’ll be able to see firsthand an example of every single Hunter Douglas shade, blind, or shutter that is sold. You can view directly our wide range of color options and you’ll be able to touch every type of fabric or material we have to offer. This way, there will be no surprises when we come to install your new treatments. You’ll be getting exactly what you want and exactly what you expect. By purchasing treatments that fit your glass impeccably and look flawless, you are making sure to retain the value of your home so that when/if the time comes, you can sell it quickly and at the right price. Old, faded, and broken window coverings will make your home less desirable to potential buyers.

Privacy For You and Your Family

Huge glass windows are certainly beautiful in the middle of the day. Let the natural light into your home and also enjoy the view you have on the other side of the glass. But, what happens at night? Many don’t enjoy the thought of others being able to see into their home once the sun goes down. The best solution to this is to cover your glass with shades that can open completely during the day but can also close fully at sundown. This will give you peace of mind knowing that you and your family are protected from outside view. When families approach us with this dilemma, one of our favorites to recommend is the Hunter Douglas Silhouette™ shade.

The Silhouette™ shade is absolutely perfect because it combines beauty and elegance with functionality. The S-shaped vanes almost appear to be floating between sheer panels. You can open them just slightly or you can pull them up completely to let all the sunlight in. Many of our customers tell us that the Silhouette shade is the most luxurious of all. The great part about the Silhouette shade (as well as a lot of other Hunter Douglas shades) is that there are several different options available to customize your shades. If you like a completely blacked out look, then the Silhouette Duolite™ shade is perfect as it has a room darkening roller shade nestled right behind the Silhouette™. You can also integrate these shades with Hunter Douglas PowerView® Motorization and schedule times throughout the day to open and close your shades. The convenience is remarkable—you won’t even have to blink.

Keep Your Possessions Pristine

Over time, ultraviolet light, visible light, and solar heat all contribute to the fading of furniture upholstery, wood, art, paintings, and other items, bringing down the value of your home and other property you own. While keeping your shades open during the day can sometimes be nice, it’s important not to do it all the time, especially when the sun is at its strongest point, or if you’re out of town. Hunter Douglas window treatments have the ability to draw natural light into your home without shining directly on your furniture and floors and fading the color. Our coverings are also energy efficient so that you can save on your energy consumption in the winter as well as in the summer.


horizon window fashions
Living Room Before Hunter Douglas Shades
horizon window fashions
Living Room After Hunter Douglas Shades

Get Your Window Coverings from Horizon Window Fashions

We are happy to offer a completely free consultation to any and all customers interested in customized window coverings. Through coming to your home and assessing your needs, we are attempting to streamline the process of choosing the best treatments for your windows. While the process can be time-consuming and stressful, we are here to give you an experience that will always put you first. If you’re interested in window coverings but you aren’t fully committed, simply fill out our contact form and we are happy to provide you with any information you need!

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We know it can be a difficult process when it comes to finding the right window blinds and shutters for your home. Whether you need a Reno blind repair or want a new look, Horizon Window Fashions has a variety of styles and materials to choose from. Stop by and take a look at our Hunter Douglas gallery, we are here to make this process easy and enjoyable for you.

Automated Window Treatments

Hunter Douglas PowerView Motorization

Hunter Douglas PowerView Shades and shutters help you create the perfect home setting. Whether you're using the app, pebble, or a home-automation system, PowerView shades lift and lower at your command.

The PowerView App

Using the Hunter Douglas PowerView App, you can control your shades and shutters with a simple swipe. Not only that, but you can create your own Scenes. Scenes allow you to position your window blinds and select the time of day that you would like them to operate. This can be done from the comfort of your home or even while you are away.

PowerView Pebble Control

If apps are not your style, Hunter Douglas has created the PowerView Pebble. Just like you use a remote to switch the channels on your TV, you can use Pebble Control to do the same for your shades. The Pebble allows you to control up to 6 different groups of shades in the house with the press of a button. https://youtu.be/BcrkyoHh42o

Home Automation Systems

You can integrate PowerView Motorization into a variety of home automation systems, including Alexa, Google Assistant, the Nest, and more.

Energy Efficient Window Treatments

Duette Architella Shades

If you are looking for energy efficient shades for your home, the Duette Architella shades are the ones for you. The honeycomb style shades are made with four separate layers. These layers help to slow heat transfers and gains allowing your house to stay cool in the summer and warm in the winter.

Duette Duolite Shades

Duolite shades consist of two separate fabric panels, these panels help to give off a seamless day to night feel and provide many options for privacy and light control. https://youtu.be/dCuNQs3sNaA

LiteRise Operating System

LireRise is a cordless operating system, its ease of use will make you question why you ever bought window coverings with a cord in the first place. To raise, you simply push up on the tab at the bottom of the shades; and to lower, you pull down.

EasyRise Operating System

Say goodbye to loose cords strings, and hello to the Easy Rise operating system. EasyRise contains a continuous cord that can be bolted to the wall. To raise and lower your shades, all you have to do is pull on the cord and voila!

Contact Us

If you are interested in learning more about our selection of Hunter Douglas window treatments and finding the right window blinds for your home, give us a call or visit us at Horizon Window Fashions today.

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Smart Home and Smart Living with Hunter Douglas Motorization

With PowerView Hunter Douglas motorization, the world’s most beautiful motorized drapes and shutters are now the most intelligent. This innovative wireless system lets you tilt your Hunter Douglas window treatments according to the schedules you set. Perfect lighting, energy efficiency, everyday convenience -- its all delivered automatically with Powerview technology.


Technology At Your Service

Automated Living

The PowerView App makes life easy. The app gives you the option to create customized Scenes with the touch of a button. You can choose to operate shutters individually or in any combination that you desire. Once you’ve customized your Scenes, you input them into the Hunter Douglas PowerView app, and your motorized shutters will automatically close and open according to your schedule.

Energy Efficiency

Not only can you use the PowerView App to schedule when your shutters open and close, but with PowerView Motorization, you can tilt your shutters’ louvers according to the sun’s daily patterns. This can reduce solar heat gain, heat loss in the winter, and can lower your energy bills.


You no longer have to worry about the safety of your home when you are on vacation or out running errands. The RemoteConnect feature on your smartphone allows you to adjust your shutters for added security when you are away.

Battery Powered

All PowerView motorized shutters are battery powered, making them easy to install, operate, and maintain. The battery pack is hidden in the top/bottom rails, to put focus on the beauty of your shutters.

Child Friendly

Say goodbye to hazardous cords, the PowerView shutter system is cord-free! Not only is it aesthetically pleasing, but safer for homes with children and pets.


Elevate The Control Of Your Motorized Shutters

PowerView motorized shutters add a whole new level of convenience and precise control. Some of the added benefits of PowerView Motorization are:


Meet the Hunter Douglas PowerView Family

PowerView App

The PowerView App allows you to customize and automate your collections of Rooms and Scenes with one simple click. It’s designed for compatibility with Apple iOS products and Android tablets and mobile devices.

Pebble and Surface Remote

The sleek, handheld Pebble Remote and the wall-mounted Surface remote puts direct adjustment at your fingertips.

Powerview Hub

The PowerView Hub connects wirelessly to your WiFi network, making it the central point of control for your home’s PowerView motorized shutters. The Hub allows you to store all of your settings and activates your Scenes.

Pebble and Surface Scene Controller

Don’t have your tablet or smartphone handy? No need to worry, the Scene Controller works seamlessly with your Powerview Hub or App to activate the Scenes that you have created, adding even more convenient control.

PowerView Repeater

The PowerView Repeater is a small signal enhancer that plugs into almost any outlet. The Repeater extends signal range and carry commands throughout your home, and it also provides customized lighting via its illumination feature.


Smart Connections Beyond Your Windows

Today’s connected home is more advanced, and easier to control, than ever before. At Horizon Window Fashions, we want to help you find the best shutters for your home. If you want to learn more about Hunter Douglas PowerView Motorization, talk to one of our experts today!


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If you're considering a window remodel, make sure you pick a company that values community and family as much as great service and expertise. Learn more about Horizon Window Fashions and check out our extensive line of Hunter Douglas window treatments. To see our window coverings in person, contact us or stop by our showroom located across from the Reno Costco.


If you're looking for Hunter Douglas window coverings, you have a lot of options. It's true - many mainstream home improvement chains carry Hunter Douglas products, but what they don't offer is friendly and knowledgable service. Many people appreciate the style, quality and ease of use associated with Hunter Douglas window coverings. What they aren't always aware of is that full installation requires bespoke service and custom made window coverings. In nearly every instance, a trained professional needs to measure and special order your specific window covering. This is why Horizon Window Fashions is more than a Hunter Douglas Gallery. The following are the ways in which we go above and beyond to service our customers.

Connect With Horizon Today

We lend you information online and locally at our Hunter Douglas Gallery Showroom.

If you're like many others, you prefer to research home decor options online before making a purchase. We make research and education easier for you by providing up-to-date information regarding Hunter Douglas products. You can browse through our selection of window blinds, shutters, and shades all online before visiting our showroom. Learn about the features of each window covering and get design inspiration from our extensive Photo Gallery and Ideas Blogs. The information and photos we provide you on our website are there to help inform you as to your window treatment options. Our goal is to help you find smart solutions for your home. Once you have an idea of what your needs are we like to invite you into our Hunter Douglas showroom. Here you can feel, grasp and literally try out each product within a friendly environment.

For your convenience, we offer free in-home consultations.

As part of our commitment to customer service we offer our clients free in-home consultations. We frequently find that your needs as a client vary based on the uniqueness of your home. This is why we send out our trained experts to your home. They'll discuss your needs and inform your decision making. They’ll also help you assess energy-efficiency requirements, light-filtering needs, and how all of those variables will translate within your home. You can even schedule your free in-home consultation today.

We will always guarantee your satisfaction.

As the largest premier provider of Hunter Douglas window coverings in Norther Nevada, it's our duty to guarantee your satisfaction. We trust in the integrity of our product and services, but mistakes do happen. This is why always commit to your satisfaction and make things right. Being a large Hunter Douglas dealer, we also offer competitive pricing that is typically only offered to high-volume dealers.

Our trained team of window fashion experts inform you of your options.

We've been a Hunter Douglas Gallery in Northern Nevada for nearly 20 years. Our in-house team of skilled window fashion experts are among the best in the state. The entire Horizon team are certified in Hunter Douglas products and are skilled in determining your window treatment needs whether its for a new home or a remodel. If you’re looking for a Hunter Douglas gallery who can help you with the entire process from end-to-end, including:

Horizon Window Fashions - Hunter Douglas Gallery

We're a family-owned company committed to Northern Nevada - Reno Rodeo Sponsors

We're still a local, family-owned window fashions supplier, despite having grown into one of Northern Nevada’s largest Hunter Douglas Gallery dealers. As part of our growth we've also enjoyed the pleasure of participating in local community events. Most notably, we sponsor the Reno Rodeo and the Veteran’s Guest House.

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Window design may seem like a small piece of your life when you have so many other stressors caving in on you on a daily basis. But when a window remodel creeps its way into the front of your mind, make sure you pick a company that values community and family as much as great service and expertise, like Horizon. Learn more about Horizon Window Fashions and check out the extensive line of Hunter Douglas window treatments that we offer. To see our window coverings in person, contact us or stop by our showroom located across from the Reno Costco.

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Hunter Douglas PowerView and Guide to Blind Operating Systems

Horizon Window Fashions offers Hunter Douglas PowerView motorized blinds and other traditional window coverings. Each blind operating system features superior styling and functionality and all are designed to modernize the look and feel of your home. We tailor each of our blind operating systems to your individual needs. To take your functionality and design to the next level, consider Hunter Douglas PowerView Motorized Blind Operating Systems. These motorized and customizable window blinds are available in vertical or horizontal styles. The innovative design of Hunter Douglas PowerView motorized blinds adds convenience to your daily routine and make it much easier to open and close your blinds, but they also afford you greater control over how much light you let into the room and at what time of day. This can often result in added comfort and energy bill savings in the long-run. Read and discover more details about the various Hunter Douglas Blind Operating Systems offered at Horizon Window Fashions.

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Chain and Cord Vertical Window Blinds

Chain and Cord operating systems are your traditional tried-and-true window covering solution. These Hunter Douglas vertical window blinds, give you the most amount of color and material selection options. Manually pulling the chain allow you to adjust the flow of light into any given room. This manual is also one of your most cost effective and widely available options.

Motorized Window Blinds

Motorized blind systems afford you luxury and convenience. With motorized systems, your vertical window blinds open and shut with the touch of button. They also allow you to remotely select your ambiance levels from across the room.

Hunter Douglas PowerView Motorization

Take automation to the next level with a Hunter Douglas PowerView® Motorization system. PowerView® allows you to pre-program your favorite lighting conditions and remotely raise and lower your blinds from an app or the ergonomic Pebble scene controller. Let the afternoon light in to warm up your home before you've arrived, or set blinds to give the appearance of being at home while you’re out of town. PowerView® gives you a myriad of customizable features and options when it comes to light control.

PermAssure Wand Control

PermAssure Wand Control blinds utilize the same simplicity as the classic chain and cord system. The PermAssure wand replaces the traditional looped chain with a solid wand. This window coverings solutions is perfect for Reno homes with children or pets looking for a safer alternative.


The PermaTilt operating system combines the traditional chain and cord system with the safety of a single wand. Using a wand with an attached cord, you have the best control over how the blinds traverse your window or sliding door, as well as how much light you let into the room.

Horizontal Window Blinds Systems


This is a cordless operating system that gives you the simplest option for raising and lowering your window blinds. Easily operate your horizontal blinds with one hand as you push up to raise or pull down to lower. The proprietary design allows the window blinds to stay in place once you release them. A clean, cordless look also creates a safer environment for children and pets.


Looking for blinds with a cord that will stay out of way and out of reach? The UltraGlide provides a fixed cord length that retracts after each pull. This keeps the cord a convenient length, but out of the way of nosing animals or children.

Standard Cordlock

If traditional is what you’re after, look no farther than the Standard Cordlock system for  your horizontal blinds. This system utilizes a standard locking cord with cleats mounted to the side of your window frame to hook the excess cord around. This keeps the cord looking neat and not dangling or bumping against your blinds.

Horizon Window Fashions can help with all your window blinds needs in Reno.

Utilize our experts to select the best blind operating system for your home. We can help you pick out the proper operating system for your situation, as well as make color and texture suggestions. No matter what style you choose -from our more traditional offerings to our top of the line Hunter Douglas PowerView system - you're sure to fall in love with your home again! Horizon Window Fashions has the experience to help you select the best window coverings for french doors. We take into consideration the design and style and functional needs of your room. We’ll help you tie your room together with luxurious window coverings for your French doors. Request a complimentary design consultation from our experts, we'll help you determine the best style of shades, blinds, and shutters and which operating system will work best for you.

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French doors bring in tons of bright, natural light and open up rooms to the outdoors, but what are the best window coverings for French doors? Before buying, you'll need to consider several styles of window coverings and their related features. French doors are functional focal points, so the best coverings for French doors are those that modulate light and temperature. Depending on your needs, you'll most likely want to choose plantation style shutters or modern Roman shades.

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Best Window Coverings for French DoorsThe Best Window Coverings for French Doors Will Help Control Light

First, when choosing the best window coverings for French doors determine how you want to control the light. French doors allow light to stream into rooms and illuminate everything. This can be a problem when it comes to energy efficiency and optimal light control. Take an inventory of which direction your french doors face and how much light they let in throughout the day. You will also want to consider how you use the room and how much light you will want let in. If you think your French door window coverings will require constant adjustment throughout the day, then consider an automatic light control system like the Hunter Douglas PowerView. The window coverings below are some of the best options when it comes to french doors. Each allows for various degrees of functionality and energy efficiency.

Plantation Style Shutters

Light control and privacy are a one touch away. Plantation style shutters from Hunter Douglas help to direct the light coming in from your french doors. You can easily enjoy the view when adjusted open, while the designer look of the shutters heightens adds a touch of charm and style to your home. Shutters also allow for custom design elements like handle cut-outs, that are secured in place for safety and ease of operation. The romance of shutters, coupled with their functional qualities make these one of the best coverings for french doors.

Best Window Coverings for French DoorsModern Roman Shades

If you're looking to diffuse light as it streams through your french doors, then you'll need a fabric. Vignette Modern Roman Shades by Hunter Douglas provide this for your home resulting in sophistication and softness. You can adjust these shades to fully opened or closed positions. This provides you with a high degree of light control, energy efficiency and privacy. The low profile, of modern Roman shades and their custom design qualities make these one of the best window coverings for french doors. Enjoy optimal light control coupled alongside superior functionality. Horizon Window Fashions has the experience to help you select the best window coverings for french doors. We take into consideration the design and style and functional needs of your room. We’ll help you tie your room together with luxurious window coverings for your French doors. Request a complimentary design consultation from our experts, we'll help you determine the best style of shades, blinds, and shutters and which operating system will work best for you.

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