What is Smart Home Automation?

The terms home automation and ‘smart home’ mean the same thing. To put it simply, this describes any home that uses technology solutions like apps and sensors to automate daily tasks throughout your home. A typical smart home utilizes some sort of central control unit or app with interconnected systems like voice commands, programs and timers. The goal with smart home Hunter Douglas technology like PowerView Motorization is to make your life easier and more efficient. Smart homes and smart home tech also falls under the category of what's called, the Internet of Things. This technology is becoming more prevalent, with various companies like Nest, Hive, Samsung and Luxaflex® all breaking into the industry.

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What does IoT mean?

IoT stands for "the Internet of Things." IoT broadly describes a fast-growing market of home automation technology, products, systems, and devices. These are what we call "smart devices" because they communicate in some way with the internet and each other. The benefit of IoT technology is real-time reporting. You're able to know what each system in your home is doing and when. There is now no need for mechanical timers to turn on a light or flick a switch. Instead, most IoT devices offer some form of app and integration with your smartphone.

Smart Homes, IoT, and Home Lighting Automation

Before IoT and smart home technology, automating the window blinds and shutters in your home required a myriad of pre-programmed timers, switches, and settings. Truly remote controlled lighting is now vastly different, especially with the PowerView app from Hunter Douglas.

Hunter Douglas now offers an array of automation control devices that integrate with its RedDot Design Award Winning PowerView Motorization system. With PowerView, you can set pre-devised moods such as ‘movie’ or ‘dinner time’ to work in tandem with the light you allow in with your window coverings. Use the PowerView app to position and tilt the shades to allow as little or as much light in. Each shade can operate independently as each is driven by a different motor and setting.

Benefits of Hunter Douglas PowerView Motorization:

Hunter Douglas PowerView Control Systems:

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