Are you trying to manifest the energy you want for 2022? Then take the time to update your window coverings and attract the positive atmosphere you deserve daily. Don’t hold on to the past. Instead, revamp your window covering look and feel with a timeless and contemporary appeal by visiting our Reno Hunter Douglas Gallery for inspiration.

Smart Shades

What Are Window Coverings Going to Look Like In 2022?

Smart Shades with Powerview Automation

No matter what you are looking for, smart shades offer a stylish, intelligent aesthetic ready to complement any room. These window coverings automatically extend, retract and tilt using Powerview Automation, so you never have to worry about adjusting them throughout the day.

Save Money

Voice activation allows you to adjust your motorized drapes and smart shades from anywhere in your home. Of course, the convenience doesn't stop there. Smart shades give you control even when you're out with the touch of a button by connecting them to your smartphone. This feature helps you save money in the future by avoiding heat gain or heat loss during the changing seasons.

Increased Security

Powerview Automation motorized shades give your home increased security when you are away. The ability to program your smart shades to extend, retract or tilt even when you're makes it look like someone's always home. Upgrade your window coverings with Powerview Automation and add an extra layer of security to your home when you're not around.

Smart Shades and Motorized Window Drapes

Roman Shades

This clean look is another option if you're looking for a practical minimalist design that complements your home. Roller shades bring texture and allure to any space because they have the ability to roll, stack, or slide when lifted. These shades use a variety of fabric options so you can keep the color arrangement simple or add a pop of color to help make a bold statement in any room.

Roller Shades

Roller shades are a simple, sleek design ready to compliment any indoor or outdoor living space. They have the capability to brighten any room with light filtering fabric that gives you a chance to see outside even when they are shut. Interested in a little more privacy? Choose an opaque fabric that diffuses light while still having the ability to darken any space. 

Pro Tip: Give your home convenience and style by upgrading almost any product into smart shades. We craft each smart shade to order, giving you the power to create anything your heart desires.


Hunter Douglas Motorized Drapes

Extraordinary Fabrics and Unique Textures

2022 is about elegance and style. We are looking to bring ourselves to life, but why stop there? Give every room a little character with the Hunter Douglas Alustra Collection

This collection uses elevated, elegant fabrics and texture to add character to your home. These fabrics can be added to a variety of products which gives you a chance to break away from traditional window covering. Surprise your friends and family with luxurious woven textures and bold color to make your home stand out. 

Find the Perfect Fit with Hunter Douglas Window Fashions

Let us help you find something you’ll love for years to come. Horizon Window Fashions is Reno’s premier window covering showroom. We focus on giving you the best selection of Hunter Douglas blinds, shutters, and shades by starting with a free consultation. Our goal is to uncover your vision so you can buy with confidence.

Northern Nevada endures a significant drop in temperature during its winter months. Rain, snow and strong winds greet Reno residents and persist well into the new year.

Insulated window shades offer you the best protection from outdoor extremities while allowing your heater to take a break. Check out how our team at Horizon Window Fashions can keep you warm all winter long by finding the best-insulated window coverings for your home.

Best Insulated Blind and Shutter Options for Your Reno Home

Horizon Window Fashions is Reno’s premier local Hunter Douglas Dealer. We recommend replacing your current window coverings with Newstyle® Hybrid Composite Shutters or Duette® Honeycomb Shades to help add extra comfort to your home during the coldest days.


Insulated blinds

Best Shutters for Insulation

Our Newstyle® Hybrid Composite Shutters blend the elegance of real wood with modern-day materials offering you the best protection from outside hazards. These shutters have a classic, plantation aesthetic that exudes sophistication and are considered the best shutters for insulation.

Using the most advanced technology, we install each shutter to completely enclose your windows. Our composite shutters have fewer gaps and create a sealed effect. The snug fit of these shutters provides better insulation for your home by keeping your warm air in even after you turn your heater off.


Best Shutters For Insulation

Best Insulated Window Shades

Our Duette® Honeycomb Shades are the best option for versatility, energy efficiency, and lighting control. PowerView® Automation lets you open and close your shades with the touch of a button. Duette® Honeycomb Shades offer the best coverage for even the trickiest specialty-shaped windows.

These shades offer a specially engineered honeycomb design that traps air in distinct pockets. This design helps insulate your home to lower your energy consumption and bill all year long. Find out why Duette® Honeycomb Shades are the best-insulated window shades by visiting us online.


Insulating Shades Reno

Find A Specialist Now

Let our specialist help guide you through the process of finding the best-insulated window blinds and shutters for your home. We offer a variety of options to suit your home and budget. All of our Hunter Douglas products offer convenience and functionality along with our satisfaction guarantee.

Our team's goal is to make sure you have no reason to keep your heater on all day long.


Roman shades might be just the thing you’re looking for to enhance the beauty and function of your home and life. They offer privacy and light control while allowing you to enjoy the stunning scenes of the city and mountains. Enhancing the classic charm or modern chic style of your home, and providing convenience beyond compare, our Vignette Modern Roman Shades will leave you wondering how you ever lived without them in Reno!


Want Privacy and a View?

Vignette-roman-shades-floor-to-ceiling-by-Horizon-Window-FashionsFrom picturesque mountain landscapes to the hustle-and-bustle of downtown, the view outside your home is something worth seeing. Yet, you might find yourself covering those gorgeous panoramas because of unyielding glare or the desire for a bit more privacy. You don’t have to. You can have the best of both worlds with roman shades. Customize our Vignette Modern Roman Shades to get everything you want. Choose a sheer fabric that allows you to softly focus the view so you can still take in the beauty of the outside while diffusing glare, or pick an opaque one that blocks virtually everything to shut out the world for a cozy night in. You can even opt for the top-down bottom-up feature that gives you ultimate control to balance enjoying the view with your needs for privacy. You can have it all with roman shades!


Want Comfort and Style?

Vignette-roman-shades-patio-doors-windows-by-Horizon-Window-FashionsDo you have a love-hate relationship with the sun? You love how soft, natural light streaming into your home brightens interior spaces and your mood. You hate how direct light blinds you and makes the temperature in your home climb. You there a happy medium? There is! Experience ultimate comfort with Vignette Modern Roman Shades. They’ll help you achieve perfect daylighting, and their insulating properties will keep your home’s temperature just right. Plus, they’ll add an element of sophisticated style to any room. Accent soft, contemporary designs with full folds, or highlight modern, clean lines with flat folds that offer a defined finish. And, let your open concept areas shine as complementary shades on windows and doors keep the space flowing. Beauty, energy-efficiency, and natural light will meet in your home with roman shades.


Want Convenience?

Vignette-roman-shades-automation-by-Horizon-Window-FashionsYou already have enough to do. The last thing you need is for fiddling with window and door coverings to be on your to-do list. Our Vignette Modern Roman Shades are effortless to operate. Push or pull them with your hands, use a retractable cord, or enjoy the ingenuity of the Hunter Douglas PowerView. Tap a button on your favorite device or the Pebble remote for motorized control. Better yet, set and save the positions of your roman shades that are best for your unique home, and then schedule them to occur automatically. You’ll have the right atmosphere all day long without lifting a finger. Take a task off of your cleaning list too. Our Vignette Modern Roman Shades are treated to repel dust, soil, and stains, so they’ll need very little attention from you! Save yourself from extra work and enjoy the convenience these window coverings offer. You deserve it!


So, are you looking for privacy and a view? Do you want to add comfort and style to your home and life? Are you longing for convenience and more time to do the things you enjoy? Then you’re ready for roman shades, and we are ready to help. Let us work with you to customize roman shades for your specific home, needs, and lifestyle. Our experts will guide you in finding the fabrics, features, and mechanics that are just right for you. Contact our team at Horizon Window Fashions for your free, in-home consultation.

Sunny skies, a beautiful view...Summer time in the Reno area can be filled with both. Does your home need window coverings? If the idea of the Summer sunshine has you feeling like you want to run and hide, chances are you either don’t have window shades, or maybe you don’t have the right ones. The correct window coverings for your home will provide energy efficiency, privacy, UV protection and light control. The results from before and after Hunter Douglas Powerview window coverings will amaze you, and leave you wondering how you ever lived without them.

Does this look familiar?

before and after window coveringsBeautiful decor, an amazing view. This home is the essence of style and design...but wait. Look at that spectacular view - can you actually see anything beyond the blinding glare? That harsh light enters the room, draining all color from the artwork and other elements of design. Everything is left dull and hazy. The light makes the room feel uncomfortable, and the temperature most likely does as well. The heat in this home will skyrocket in the late afternoon as the intensity of sunlight treats those floor to ceiling windows much like magnifying glasses. The air conditioning will be working on overdrive in an attempt to maintain consistency. Have you see enough? The ‘before’ of this before and after window coverings scene is a realistic look at the burdens of absent window shades.

Does your home need a transformation?

before and after window coveringsThe scene has changed in so many ways. The atmosphere is full of an ambient glow, natural light entering in just the right amount through the beneficial feature of these top down bottom up window coverings. Duette shades add the beauty of design, but also contribute much needed privacy, light control, UV protection and energy efficiency. The design elements of the room seem to pop with color, as the harsh light no longer invades the space. UV protection in place means that the beautiful artwork, flooring and belongings are no longer in danger of fading with time. The temperature is consistent and comfortable - maintained easily with the insulation of cellular technology at the window with Duette shades. The life of the room has changed as the function of the room is now effortless with the Hunter Douglas PowerView. PowerView automation allows the ultimate control with one touch of a button on your favorite device. Create scenes, set schedules and enjoy control from anywhere in the world with PowerView from Hunter Douglas.

You deserve it.

The lifestyle. The atmosphere. The benefits. You deserve all of it. If these photos of before and after window coverings don't convince you, take a look around at your own home. How's the color? The glare? The temperature? We can help. The right window coverings for your Reno area home are just a phone call away. We have helped many of your neighbors find solutions for the trickiest light control issues. Contact our team, at California Window Fashions, for a free, in-home consultation.

Lifestyle control, with the touch of a button. Introducing the Hunter Douglas PowerView, the revolutionary new automation system from Hunter Douglas that offers your Reno area home the beauty of dramatic views, ideal lighting, comfortable privacy and energy efficiency...all at your fingertips, in an instant. Could there be anything better?

PowerViewIntuitive Technology.

You’re gonna love what it can do.

PowerView is the result of user experience. Making your life seamless, easy, convenient...that’s the brilliance of PowerView. We know you’re not always the last one to leave the home. And now, you don’t have to worry about it. Your shades can communicate with you, telling you what position they are in. You can rest easy, knowing that your plants are getting enough sunlight, or that Fluffy has the perfect front row seat to the foot traffic in front of your house.


PowerViewA Perfect Fit.

Your lifestyle, in sync.

The atmosphere in your home depends on a variety of factors: lighting, temperature, protection. Have you ever experienced the perfect moment? That moment where the filtered light creates a warm glow, the beauty of your view reveals the breathtaking landscape and the cool air circulates the room. Have you wanted to capture that moment? With Hunter Douglas PowerView, you can. By creating ‘Scenes’ in PowerView, the amazing atmospheres you want throughout the day are saved for future use, making it easy to enjoy your home to its fullest.


PowerViewControl at Your Fingertips.

The ugly remote is gone.

Made to fit the way you live, Hunter Douglas PowerView offers three different ways for you to enjoy the fashion and function of your automated window shades. Use the PowerView App with your favorite device, compatible with both Apple and Android, and control your motorized window coverings from your couch or across the country. Add style to your home with either the PowerView Pebble remote, or the PowerView Surface remote. Intentional decor. The perfect complement to the beauty of your home, available in a range of on-trend colors. Set scenes and make adjustments to the window shades with the touch of a button.


The ultimate control is finally here. Hunter Douglas PowerView will revolutionize the atmosphere, temperature, privacy and energy efficiency of your Reno area home. Are you ready for control that fits your life? Contact our team, at Horizon Window Fashions, for a free, in-home consultation.

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